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May 16, 2006

Weeper waits for a thrill

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Mother’s day weekend has come and gone all too quicky – it was a very busy weekend. I would be remiss in not saying a big public “thank you” to Alissa for being such a dedicated mother to Amanda. I’m always amazed – I spend a couple hours alone with Amanda every weekday and while I love being with her every minute of it, it is a very demanding role to fill. Amanda wants, needs, and, of course, deserves every bit of attention we can give her, but Alissa always seems to have a much deeper well of energy than I do.

For those wondering, Amanda insisted that Alissa wanted the game Brain Age, so she also got a Nintendo DS on which to play it. Alissa had seen the commercial for the game numerous times and had said, each time, “I would totally play that.” Lucky for her, Amanda was listening, and I simply did her bidding when it came time for a gift on behalf of her. But don’t worry – I got Alissa a mother-and-child necklace, too.

In Amanda-news, she’s now standing on her own occasionally. I haven’t figured out what combination of events it is that allows her to do it, but she can actually stand straight up on her own without any support. Sometimes. I think she really can do it but doesn’t realize it, so she continues crawling over to something supportive and pulling herself up, but from there she will often remove both hands from whatever she’s holding. Given the right amount of applause and excited vocal encouragement, she will continue to do this over and over, each time throwing her arms in the air in a triumphant manner, squealing and smiling in delight. As often as she wishes to do this, we’re just as happy to watch her.

Tied in with this is a hilarious new habit she’s formed – when music is playing, and if it has a strong beat, she will dance in time with it. It appears to be almost involuntary – the music starts and her lower body will slowly start bobbing around in time with the music, but her upper body seems to be completely indifferent to the goings-on below. We’ve spent some time flipping around local radio stations and the digital cable’s music-only channels trying to see what it is that sets her off, but whatever it is has been a little elusive. Unfortunately for Amanda, neither Alissa’s nor my CD collection has much to offer in the way of danceable music, so for her entertainment we’ll probably be slaves to the ways of pre-programmed radio.

For those who had wanted to keep tabs of my progress on the RC truck I got a couple months ago, here’s the update: it’s done! I’ve taken pictures of the build process, but have yet to actually sit down and do anything with them. It took a surprisingly long time – I know there may have been a couple hundred nuts, bolts, and other assorted fasteners and parts in general, but I’ve built these before at least 3 times in my life, plus broken them down and rebuilt them countless times. This one, however, was a level of complexity several steps up from those previous ones – and that’s what makes it so fun. After a few runs, I’m already planning on tearing down the transmission to see what the hell is making such an annoying, loud clicking sound. It’s good to be a kid, even at 33.

I broke down this morning and ordered a new CD/DVD writer for my computer (from the always excellent Newegg.) Hopefully it’ll ship tomorrow and I’ll have it in time for the weekend. I have a growing slew of discs needing ripping and I have, unfortunately, been witness to the unreliability of the 6+ year old DVD-reader that I’ve tried using the past week or so. Because I can’t just run out and buy a new drive – because I can’t do anything without researching the topic thoroughly – I’m stuck waiting for one to come to me. Until then, I’ve been carrying around a stack of discs that haven’t been ripped yet – many of which are recent purchases due to my ongoing Big (slow) Purge.

Big “holy crap” news for me, and how I missed this until now, I have no idea: my favorite guitarist, Bill Frisell, is coming here, Phoenix, for one show and one show only on June 13. Finally! I found this out while dumping a small load of trade at Zia’s trade counter the other day where I saw the flier. So distracted by it was I that I could barely talk – in something like 13 or 14 years of worshipping his amazing playing, I have never seen him listed as playing locally. As June 13 is a Tuesday, I’m not quite sure how to work this – his music isn’t exactly Alissa’s forte’ to begin with, but she has not only Amanda but sleep to consider, so I doubt either will be going. As I’m the only Frisell fan I know of, I’m left in a bit of a pickle – go alone? I have to say that I’m more than slightly uncomfortable going to a concert by myself, but it ranks considerably lower than going to a movie by myself. As anti-social as I may be, even that seems weird to me. But for Bill . . .

You’d think with the relative dearth of posting I’ve done lately that when I did sit down to do it, I’d have an enormous amount of stuff to discuss. Oddly, it’s the opposite – too many little things have happened for me to really do them service as it would require way too much backstory to make it mean anything to anyone. This is why I always set out to post something every day or two . . . and then I forget.


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  1. Mark & I are addicted to Brain Age. My Brain Age is 25, which I guess isn’t bad, but considering my actual age is three years younger, I think it should be lower.

    Looks like it’s time to buy some pop music for Amanda! Pretty soon she’ll have her own iPod and playlist.

    Comment by Bekah — May 17, 2006 @ 9:15 am | Reply

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