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May 17, 2006

Life on Mars?

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(Forgive me – for two days this went without a title, but now that I think about it, had I titled this when I wrote it, I would not have had the great Bowie song pop into my head, so therefore this is a good thing.)

I was thrilled this morning to find news that the best drama on TV has been renewed – Veronica Mars, a UPN show, will be making the move to the new CW network this fall. You all know I love Lost, but the most satisfying hour of dramatic TV is found in Mars. Of course, it’s one of those shows that is struggling, so I’m asking – begging – for you to check the show’s first season out on DVD and then grab season 2 when it comes out later this summer (or watch it in repeats.) I couldn’t save Arrested Development, but I won’t let that stop me from helping save another great show.

I can’t even begin to go into the show’s storyline – there are many and they all weave together in a pretty spectacular way – but I’ll use Amazon’s synopsis instead:

Veronica Mars had the perfect life at 17, a boyfriend, popularity, and a great family. But it all came crashing down when her best friend, Lilly Kane, was murdered and her dad, the sheriff, accused Lilly’s father of the crime. His accusation cost her dad his job and wife and soon Veronica became an outcast. Now with her dad working as a private investigator, Veronica tries to uncover Neptune’s darkest secrets and who murdered Lilly Kane.

Why is this the best thing on TV? Because it’s written with no fear – unlike Lost, VM’s writers aren’t afraid of giving away some vital clues each week, all the while either deepening the mystery or adding new ones to the list. It’s almost as if the writers see it as a challenge – by revealing some details, they have to add new things to keep up the suspense. In addition, the show is peppered with great lines and witty comebacks – fitting for a PI show, of course – but it’s rooted in pop-culture that rivals only Gilmore Girls. Each week has been rich and fulfilling on every level – I have yet, in two years, to be disappointed with an episode.

Despite how it may sound, being based around a teenage girl, it is not a teen drama, which is made obvious by the fact that teens just aren’t watching it. But adults are – just not enough, yet. And that’s where you come in: watch this show. Just watch it one time. If you like what you see, you can count on the rest to deliver, and if you don’t, you know there’s nothing else there for you. But I’m betting most people who like what I like – what I talk about on this site – will love this show.


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