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May 18, 2006

Girlful of cars

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I was struck humble this morning as I sat in the neurologist’s waiting room. I realized that most of the people in there were probably in there for something a lot more serious and possibly deadly than my measly little migraines. Coming at things from a different angle, I saw that my migraines may be a serious impediment at times to me, but they don’t afflict me in ways that I’m sure some of those people were afflicted with their own brain disorders. I may suffer and want to die occasionally, but they won’t ever actually do me in.

The doctor was great – very thorough, very attentive, just what . . . uh, the doctor ordered. I figured the appointment would really be mostly talking about my symptoms, since he can’t obviously fondle my brain to check for problems, but there was actually some real poking and prodding. You can imagine my surprise when he took a safety pin from a jar, opened it, and said, “Now I’m going to poke you in a few spots. Tell me if you feel the sharpness.” I did – every one of ’em.

I left with a couple of prescriptions – one to take every day to prevent migraines from flairing up and one to take if one does anyway. The fun thing about the every day one is that for the first couple of weeks it could have “cognitive effects” – as he put it, I may have a hard time remembering words and completing sentences, or just may feel a bit slow until my body gets used to the meds. This could be interesting – I am not a good speaker at all, which is why I prefer the written word as my form of communication. In person, I stammer over things – when I first saw George W. Bush speak, I saw myself on stage bumbling through every speech I had to give in classes and most conversations where I feel like I need to be on top of things. It’s all there in my head, I just have a hard time getting it to flow out through my mouth in an intelligent way. So it’s quite often that a conversation will go something like this:

“I replaced the . . . um . . . I replaced the . . . ”
“The what?”
“You know, the . . . thing,” at which point I’ll probably gesture in some fashion that makes sense to me in order to portray the item in question. “Thing! You know, the . . . thing.”
“No, I don’t. What thing, where?”
“In the fridge. The . . . cylinder. Tube. Washing, cleaning thing.” There’s probably some more gesturing at this point that means everything to me and nothing to anyone else. “Water?”
“The filter?”
“Yes, that thing. The filter. I replaced it.”
“Oh. Okay, hon.”

Don’t misunderestimate it – it’s probably more annoying to me than it is to those around me, which is probably pretty irritating. I do try to embetter myself about it, but the fact remains that I’m just not very good at talking.

I can only imagine how things are going to go when I’m on something that makes that even worse. It should be a fun couple of weeks. I decided to save myself the frustration of dealing with my first day on this at work by starting it tomorrow night.

I don’t think dyslexia is a part of migraines, is it? Because on the way home from work tonight I saw, you guessed it, a “girlful of cars.”


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