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May 22, 2006

You can take my yellow skies away

Filed under: General,Migraine — Tom @ 2:18 pm

Tom Cruise would hate me. He’d probably say I’m glib. I will never be a Scientologist now – I’m three days, three doses into who-knows-how-long/a-lifetime on migraine preventive drug (the drug I take for my migraines which begins in “Top” and ends in “amax,” written this way because of damn bots spamming my comments). It’s been interesting so far.

The first day I woke up, interestingly enough, with a bit of a migraine buzzing about in my brain, but it was severely diminished (this may have been a reaction my brain had to dealing with the new drugs being added to it.) What was really phenomenal, however, was that I woke up, despite the mild migraine, feeling good. Good as in the way I’d feel the day after a recovering from a migraine, when I’d feel an amazing sunny disposition that I so rarely have. And when I went out that day, I noticed something shocking – the sky was bright blue, everything in the distance was crisp and clear. It was beautiful. This is notable because, as I’ve told Alissa many times before, when I look out at the sky, it feels “yellow” to me. You just have to accept that explanation as it is – I simply cannot make that make any more sense than it does there. It feels yellow, and that’s an unpleasant thing, and that is all. Well, it wasn’t yellow that day and hasn’t been since then.

As for the forgetfulness that the drug causes, I’d say it’s more absentmindedness at this point. Maybe a bit of confusion. At one point Saturday we were driving and an old firetruck was behind me, painted in a speckled white-and-black color scheme. I told Alissa to turn around and look at the firetruck because it was “painted like a doberman.” Dalmation. Ahem.

More examples are along the same line – making dinner last night, I went to the fridge to get out some cheese and the ground beef that I’d bought at the store that morning. But where was the beef? I looked all over the fridge, in every drawer, on every shelf, even the freezer – several times. No beef. I closed the door, utterly confused, then saw the package of beef sitting on the counter. First thought? Oh my God, I’ve left that beef sitting on the counter for 8 hours! Wrong. I really had gotten it out of the fridge about five minutes before this chain of events.

And on the way back to work from a dentist appointment this morning, I saw the same exit sign that I always see on the freeway that I drive every weekday, but today I had to really look at it to determine if that really was my exit. I still wasn’t sure it was right until the building I always pass came up.

They’re minor things so far and, reportedly, this goes away after a while. I can see, however, how this could be a really trying couple of weeks while I get up to the dose I need to be at. Humorous in hindsight, maybe. Or maybe just glib.


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