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June 10, 2006

Point(s) and laugh

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It’s been too long since my last substantive non-music post, so I must resort to the old standby, bullets. I’m going to do my best to rectify that in the future.

  • Amanda has developed a brand new bedtime game in which one of us points at the ceiling and she laughs. That’s it. That’s the whole game. She loves it. If only comedy stayed that simple.
  • Adventures in Diaper Changes continue, as Amanda has also developed a brand new “game” here, too, this one not so fun, in which she screams furiously as we, and I do me we struggle to remove and replace dirty diapers. We’ve had to institute a tag-team diaper-change routine much of the time, as sometimes it simply takes two people to distract Amanda long enough to get the diaper off, her wiped, and a new one in place before she twists and turns herself in such a way as to prevent us from doing any of the afore mentioned. It truly can be quite an adventure. (However, just this week my mom Alissa (ahem – remember, my migraine medicine makes me forgetful) found that an old pair of glasses seems to distract Amanda enough to get the job done, for some reason – and only glasses, because we’ve tried every manner of toy, playing, tickling, etc. to get her to cooperate.)
  • Plans are afoot for me to take a few days off following July 4 to finally build some storage around the house. We’re badly in need of more storage – this is an old story if you’ve been following me for a few years – but I’ve decided that we have to do something now before Amanda is up and around. Included in this are shelves for a couple of the rooms but most exciting for me is hopefully a big, new, really nice rack for my CDs, which has been housed in a motley collection of two nice large racks my dad and I made about 5 years ago, then two smaller ones, and then just scattered piles of things and stuff in boxes. It’s time everything had a nice, neat, deservingly classy home.
  • For some reason, Amazon gave me three months free access to the Prime shipping deal. Normally it’s $79 a year for access to free upgraded shipping, which means that anything I order gets upgraded to two-day shipping for free. So I’m basically switching nearly everything I buy new over to Amazon for the next three months to try it out. If I find that it works out and that I’m actually saving money (almost a sure thing when you consider how much music I buy, between local tax and shipping costs) I may just have to join up. Even just two CDs a week seems to work out to be quite a deal over the span of a year.
  • I’ve seen the preview and that’s enough to tell me that Nacho Libre is going to be a steaming pile of turd. I loved the minimalist, low budget aspects of Napoleon Dynamite but this, director Jared Hess’ second film, is going to be awful. He’s clearly working with a much bigger budget, a much better actor (Jack Black,) and now he’s overcompensating trying to make it look low budget. You can’t go home again, Jared, and it shows. It’ll be a big hit, but it’s going to be a terrible movie.
  • I would be very happy if someone could invent a hose that doesn’t kink when it’s filled with water.


  1. I see the Nacho Libre preview about once a week these days (about how often I go to the movies), and there is no other trailer showing right now that gets the audience as excited, clapping, and hooting with glee. Not even the new Snakes On A Plane trailer. You may be right, the movie might suck – but it’s going to do bang-up business.

    Comment by Yogi — June 12, 2006 @ 8:28 am | Reply

  2. Maybe I’m just getting too old for most popular films’ humor or something. It just seems incredibly lame and forced. What worked with Napoleon was that it was so awkward – the actors weren’t established actors, the dialogue wasn’t polished and perfect, the director wasn’t set in his ways. But now it seems like Jack Black is being asked to play “Napoleon in Mexico.” I just can’t buy into it.

    On another note entirely, last week sometime I found the link in your forums to the note from King’s X’s Doug about the band’s state. Very depressing. Damn.

    Comment by Tom — June 12, 2006 @ 9:10 am | Reply

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