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June 11, 2006

Don’t speak too soon

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I made a quick run this morning to get gas for Alissa’s car and on the way I had an amazing thought: “wow, I haven’t had any significant migraine issues for almost two weeks.” I picked up some lunch for us on the way back and while sitting in the drivethru the sun was glinting off a small chrome bit on the hand brake located between the front seats. “Man, that is really bright,” I thought, and I covered it with my hand.

As I was driving back, I noticed a bright spot in the lower right area of my vision and, thinking it was an afterimage from the chrome, didn’t think much of it . . . until I was at a stop light and I was looking at the black of the dashboard and saw it. There, very faintly, way down in the very, very corner at the edge of my vision, was the beginning of a typical migraine aura that I’ve documented before. I fought with myself back and forth, half the time insisting that I was wrong, that it was not an aura, that it was just a reflection of something I couldn’t locate the source of, because I’ve been good for weeks now, really, really good – I’ve eaten so well, I’ve slept so well, I’ve been so careful to remain as stress-free and calm as possible, I’ve stayed away from what I think are triggers. It is not fair that all of a sudden, out of the blue, for no goddamned reason I’m getting another migraine. Yet I was.

I checked my pocket. There it was – for some reason, on this short trip I’d actually remembered to shove the (drug that starts with “Max” and ends with “alt,” written this way to fend off bots that want to spam my comments) hardpack in my pocket. I’ve been trying to make sure to take it with me because you never know. Today was one of those you never know occasions, but now I had a problem. I have only taken this once before, at night, and went right back to sleep. It can work incredibly fast – would it affect me to the point that I’d have problems getting home, even if it was only 15 minutes away? I just don’t know yet. The aura was only just beginning, and I decided that I simply was not comfortable, threat of full-blown migraine or no, taking this stuff and driving. I have a small window of about 25 minutes to work with, from what I know of this medicine, so I decided to chance it.

I drove home a nervous wreck – would I catch the migraine in time? Would I waste an expensive dose on a missed opportunity? Would I be spending the next day wracked with pain? As soon as I rounded the corner to home, I tore open the foil pouch, peeled the blister pack’s backing, and popped the pill into my mouth where it dissolved instantly.

And then I ate lunch. What else can I do? There’s no pain at this point, and I’m still hungry, so I might as well. I watched the aura grow and grow as I ate, feeling no real effects, wondering if I had dosed myself too late. After a while, the aura seemed to separate and begin to drift away, and I can only assume it was the (drug that starts with “Max” and ends with “alt,” again.) I can’t say I completely escaped the pain, however – I had a period of calm, but it only lasted a short while, and then the buzzing behind-the-eye piercing, pounding began, but I have to say that it could have been a lot worse. I probably could have taken a second dose at this point, but I decided to let it play out, not knowing how much stronger a second dose would make things, and judging that the migraine was already much milder than it probably would have been. A few hours later, it seems okay. So, again, the wonder drug saves the day.

Next time, I will make a note not to make note of how well my head’s been feeling lately.


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