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August 7, 2006

Action: reaction

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Not appreciated: glares when our very happy baby makes very happy baby noises during dinner out at a restaurant, and especially not when it’s at a pizza place. Oh, I’m sorry, did Amanda disturb your “romantic” pizza-and-salad-and-soda dining “experience” at Streets of New York? Deal with it. And a mental middle finger to you, old bat who ate by herself and did crossword puzzles. Yeah, I saw you glare at Amanda, too. Here’s the thing: we don’t frequent non-family friendly restaurants. Here’s a tip: if you want to have some special dining experience so you and your mate can bond, don’t do it at a place where most of the food is consumed by picking it up with your fingers and drinks are consumed through straws. And a good quiet place for that crossword puzzle is the library . . . or maybe your own bathroom.

Wasted opportunity: Vanilla Frosties. Don’t do it. Don’t give in to the curiosity, unless you regularly eat Frosties and so missing out on a regular Frosty won’t be such a big deal. But for me, who hasn’t had a real Frosty in a good long time, giving in to the temptation to try Wendy’s new vanilla-flavor Frosty, when I’d been in the mood for a real Frosty for quite some time, just didn’t satisfy. It’s just a very generic, fake-vanilla tasting soft-serve type thing – it has no “Frosty identity.” You could get the same thing at any convenience store’s soft-serve machine. And I’m still left wanting a regular Frosty. I bet Wendy’s knew this would leave people wanting – and therefore make people return for real Frosties, thereby doubling sales temporarily. Genius marketing move! (And here’s another concurring opinion.)

(And yes, in case you’re wondering, while it seems I get migraines from chocolate, Frosties do not seem to set them off. No idea why.)

Getting old: Our fairly new vacuum died an annoying death a couple weeks back and forced us to buy a new one. We made a rule because of that one: no canister vacuums! Man, those are terrible. It sure seemed a smart move to get away from vacuum bags, but I forgot the one thing about the stuff that vacuums suck up – it’s dust, and therefore very light, and messy, and once the canister is removed, it has a tendency to go everywhere. And trust me, it did. A vacuum that requires you to re-vacuum what you already cleaned up isn’t a very efficient system. I wasn’t too heartbroken when this one revealed that it was breaking belts because of a fatal flaw in its design.

You know you’re getting old when a new vacuum gets you excited: when I put the new one together last week after unpacking it, I had intended to just turn it on and see how it worked, but I was so thrilled with it, I vacuumed the whole house. This vacuum sure does suck! (The excitement will wear off quickly, I guarantee.)

Getting old, part II: My insurance through work sent out a letter to inform me that (the drug I take for my migraines which begins in “Top” and ends in “amax,” written this way because of damn bots spamming my comments) which had been on their “Tier 2” coverage, would be moving to “Tier 3” coverage as of Sept. 1, and therefore I’d be paying more for it. They suggested I go to the website for more information on the costs of Tier 3, which I did, only to find that it won’t tell me anything about any other tiers than the ones for what I already have! All I wanted was a table that listed the three tiers and the three tiers’ prices. Is that so hard? What’s more, why couldn’t the friggin’ letter they sent out simply list this information right in the body?

Your Thursday=My Friday: For the next few weeks, I won’t be working full weeks. I have to burn off my remaining vacation time, as it doesn’t roll over except as sick-leave, so I’m taking Friday off this week and next, and then Thursday and Friday the following week. That week three weeks from now, however, is going to be painful.


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