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September 12, 2006

Ipod hits 80

Filed under: General — Tom @ 1:07 pm

How excited am I that the Ipod has finally hit my must-buy capacity of 80gb? Real friggin’ excited! That’s double what I can carry now, meaning about 2/3 of the music I have ripped in my Itunes drive at home. That means a LOT less time spent removing stuff to make room for other things that I “have to” have on there – because I never know what each day’s mood will have me wanting to listen to.

And what’s more, Apple’s finally answered the prayers of music geeks everywhere and gotten rid of that annoying gap in the playback between songs – that’s right, with this new Ipod, concerts and segueing songs will finally play the way they were always meant to play: seamlessly!

And although I’m not really into games, I have to admit that I’m a tiny bit excited to be able to buy Pac Man and Tetris for the Ipod from Itunes. I know the big Apple announcement today was supposed to be mostly about the movies from Itunes, but really, who cares – we’re talking about a 2.5″ screen here. I have no interest sitting and staring at a screen that size for hours. But I’ll play a game on a screen that size . . .


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  1. I’m not terribly excited about the 80GB iPod because I CAN’T AFFORD ANOTHER F**KING IPOD! But I will live vicariously through you as I settle for my paltry 60 gigabytes.

    I noticed that the song gap solution has been implemented into the new iTunes update. This has been my main source of grief with iTunes and I’m glad they’ve fixed it.

    Comment by Chris — September 15, 2006 @ 7:03 am | Reply

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