Known Johnson

October 5, 2006

A new home

Filed under: Boring site stuff,General — Tom @ 11:37 pm

Well, I’m at it again – I’ve just purchased a brand new domain and I’ll be relocating all non-personal stuff over to that site once it’s up and running. I know, I know, we’ve been through this before, but after looking at the content of this site, it clearly clashes with my original intent for it – to be about our life with Amanda. My musings on music, TV, and other such crap just doesn’t fit and really deserves its own home. While I considered taking it back to The Beautiful Lull, frankly I just didn’t want to deal with that domain name anymore – I don’t really like it. So I thought long and hard – you have no idea how long – and something finally struck me a few days ago that really made sense.

Don’t get too excited yet. I’m not revealing anything yet because nothing actually exists there yet and won’t for a few days – not only does the DNS have to propagate, which will take a couple days, I have a rather intense project for this weekend: building myself a new computer. I bought a few hundred dollars worth of parts from Newegg over the weekend after just about completely freaking out while my computer slowed to an absolute crawl while I dared have Itunes and Firefox running tasks at the same time – I should have known better from months of experience, but that new Itunes is a hog and just about brought my computer completely to its non-existent knees. I fully expect to be stressed out much of this weekend as I piece my computer together and embark upon installing Windows – never a fun prospect, but always an adventure when you throw brand new equipment into the mix. I just hope I make it out of the weekend with some semblance of my sanity remaining.


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