Known Johnson

October 15, 2006

And . . . I’m back

Filed under: General — Tom @ 11:50 pm

Not that it really seems any different to you, but I’m posting this from my brand new computer, which was up and running as of some time Saturday afternoon, but I had a bunch of junk to install (antivirus, updates, etc.) before I could even think about posting on my site.

And, in kind of a fun “sticking it to the man” turn of events, I’m using less Microsoft products than ever before – I’ve shunned, for the first time in ages, pretty much everything MS has to offer besides Windows XP in lieu of what appears to be much better options (for one reason or another.) While I always use Firefox as my browser (and everyone on Windows should, too for all the security holes in Internet Explorer,) I decided to give Mozilla’s email client, Thunderbird, a try for once, instead of boring ol’ Outlook Express. With the addition of user-created extensions (just like Firefox has,) Thunderbird is capable of being everything that OE’s big brother Outlook can be – and it’s FREE! And to keep on that “free” ride, I also downloaded Sun Microsystem’s OpenOffice to use instead of Microsoft Office – why bother with that bloated chunk when I could use this much smaller, more streamlined suite of software, especially when I rarely use most of it anyway? And, of course, as always, I’m using my usual suite of free anti-virus stuff – AdAware, SpyBot, and while I have been using AVG for my anti-virus scanner, I switche this time to Avast Free Edition as it seems to be getting better reviews. Those three have done me no wrong in the past few years, so I see no reason why to bother paying for software that I read causing problem after problem for many buyers.

I also managed to find a loophole around many, many hours of waiting while Itunes examined my library – I copied the basic library database files from my old hard drive, then installed Itunes on my new Windows install, found where the database was installed, moved it, and then pasted in the old one pointing to the correct drive. Restarted Itunes and it was up and running as if nothing had happened – saving me what I figured was probably 10 hours of watching Itunes first identify my music, then analyze it for gapless information, then find its artwork (because all of this information is saved outside of the audio files, believe it or not!)

And those of you who were wondering if I forgot about that new little website I mentioned about a week ago . . . I didn’t! This one week delay has seriously thrown me off, but I hope to have something up in the next week or so!


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