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October 23, 2006


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First off, because I’ve had a couple of questions via email . . . the new site does exist. It’s not the Great Pumpkin of sites. It’s actually up and running right now, in fact. I just got WordPress installed about 90 minutes ago, actually, using my host’s very handy installation thingie-mabab so I didn’t even have to bother downloading, customizing files, and uploading. Just click a button, fill in some fields, and click another button. Done. So it’s alive, but it’s ugly and needs personality. So, sorry, but not this week my friends.

I would have had it done this weekend but I basically ran completely out of time. Saturday we weren’t even home – we left the house at 9 am and came home that night at about 8:30 pm with only one quick return for about a half-hour in the morning. Amanda’s Little Gym class and then off to an ASU football game followed by her sister’s birthday pretty much ate up the entire day.

Sunday morning I spent fixing, or attempting to fix, a broken sprinkler system out front, then did some badly needed yard work. I left some glued pipes to dry for the afternoon and when I got back to connect the last piece I found out that I’d bought the wrong one – wrong thread pattern, meaning I wouldn’t be closing up the gaping hole in our front yard last night and wouldn’t be running the sprinklers to our very thirsty plants.

A doctor’s appointment gave me a reason to take a day off – I wasn’t going to originally, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was just going to stress myself out trying to get to and from work and I’ve got a lot of vacation time, so why not? I’ll take the day and get some stuff done around the house, and since I have the whole day off, I can get the new site up and running. Well, almost. I did get stuff done – the sprinklers are now done (having bought the correct part,) we have a gate permanently installed at the master bedroom so Amanda can roam free from around the now-safe areas of the house, and I installed one last cabinet lock in the kitchen (making it now-safe) – but that pretty much consumed the entire day. It’s really amazing how seemingly simple projects wind up taking much longer than anticipated. And they always do. Whatever it is, and however long you figure it’s going to take, double that time because that’s at least how long it’s going to take.

I did, however, manage to take a little bit of time for myself today on the way to pick up Amanda and hit Zia for the first time in what feels like forever*. In the “new” category, I picked up Jay Bennett (ex- of Wilco)’s new album, The Magnificent Defeat, and it’s, well, magnificent – if you’re one of the Wilco fans that feels slighted by the artsy-fartsy direction that Jeff Tweedy has taken the band, and prefer the Summerteeth and Being There days, this album should be high on your “must buy” list. The first two songs had me going “hmmm, not so sure this was a good use of my money” and then after that it was a resounding “WOW – this is great.” Used finds include a copy of Branford Marsalis’ Braggtown (I had a feeling if I held out a few weeks I’d find a copy,) Voivod’s Dimension Hatross (I haven’t heard this in, literally, 15 years – will it with stand the test of time?) and Sausage’s Riddles Are Abound Tonight (I’ve been regretting selling off my copy many, many years ago and promised myself that if I saw it again I’d buy again, if only because I get the ridiculously stupid sound of Les Claypool sing-yelling the chorus of “Girls For Single Men” in my head on a pretty regular basis. Primus fans, this is a must – it’s basically Primus in their early incarnation.)

And, of course, when I got home I found a puffy package from Canada with my copy of the new Tragically Hip album inside.

And I’m done for the night. It was a busy weekend and a busy day. I could push on a do my Overlooked Alternatives piece right now, and there’s a lot of cool stuff out this week that I want to talk about, but I need to keep up on that “time for myself” thing for the moment. Tomorrow. And the new site will be beautified for the world by next week, barring any weird disasters. Time now to relax.

*See, you think all music-related stuff is going over to the new stuff, but it’s going to slip in here and there on occasion. I can’t help it – it’s in everything I do . . .


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