Known Johnson

October 30, 2006

Another week, another week

Filed under: Boring site stuff,General — Tom @ 11:36 pm

Well, I had good intentions. Unfortunately, I forgot that this weekend was going to be another really busy one with not one but TWO separate birthday celebrations, not to mention tracking down a decent pumpkin in what amounts to the worst pumpkin season I’ve ever seen, and, of course, fitting in the usual weekend house duties, many of which seemed to go ignored due to exhaustion. In other words, yes, you guessed it, the unveiling of my new site is off by one more week – but that’s it! This upcoming weekend is as free as it gets and I’m going to get everything in order. It’s not like it’s that big of a deal, but I just can’t have it going up and down as I put things in place or test things while people are trying to access it. It’s mostly in place right now, but it’s merely a shell of a site right now and simply utilizes a thrown-together theme stolen from this site.

I had meant to get it all together tonight and have it up for tomorrow’s Overlooked Alternatives, but tonight became Pumpkin Carving Night as I took on the one we settled on this weekend and a tiny one that my parents bought for Amanda. Wouldn’t you know it, but the little one turned out to be the most difficult of the two! I’ll have pics up tomorrow when we get them lit. My hand is still sore from carving that little sucker . . .

As tomorrow is Halloween, I’m going to make my yearly prediction that the majority of costumes in the workplace will be worn by women, consisting mostly of pajamas, followed by cats or other feline-type creatures.


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