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November 5, 2006

Mommy is a big, white box

Filed under: General — Tom @ 10:57 pm

Recently, we’ve been working on getting Amanda to identify things by name. I think the first thing she “found” was her own bellybutton, and shortly after that she connected the word with the location and we could ask her where it was and she would proudly show it to us by pointing, a big wide grin spreading on her face. Soon after that she found me when “Where’s daddy?” was asked, and she’d lean over and poke me with her tiny little finger.

Alissa, however, was a little perplexed when the question “Where’s mommy?” would come up, because Amanda would gesture to the refrigerator, if it was in sight, or just not respond at all. I had to admit the other night that, in trying to be helpful, I may have taught our daughter that the refrigerator was “mommy.”

Amanda likes to be held up to the refrigerator doors because on the door, held by magnets, is a picture of Alissa and I with her family from a couple of years ago, and Amanda always likes to look at it and she often points to Alissa on the picture, so I usually said “Mommy” in hopes that Alissa’s likeness would stick as “mommy.” I was trying to be helpful. Unfortunately, I inadvertently put mommy’s permanent location as the giant white box in the kitchen. So we’re working on dissociating her from the fridge.

I just hope we don’t have to ask Amanda where Hawaiians are anytime soon. She’s rather fond of a postcard of native Hawaiians that I’ve been showing her, too . . .


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