Known Johnson

November 5, 2006

Political, one more time

Filed under: General — Tom @ 11:53 pm

Forgive me for delving into politics once more, but it’s been bothering me since the other day and the anti-smoking post. I feel like if I don’t say something I’ll be lumped in with the unfortunate most-likely majority who will vote-in this other proposition that I am extremely embarassed about and just want to distance myself from: proposition 107, the “marriage protection” act. Basically, it prevents marriage between anyone but a man and a woman. That’s all. And I don’t see why this is anything that needs any protecting. As far as I can tell, marriage between men and women can continue whether homosexual people marry or whether heterosexual people choose not to marry but wish to share the benefits that married couples do. They want to say that this is about keeping things like medical benefits from being extended to people other than the marriage partner, but everyone knows what it’s really all about: fear of legitimizing homosexuality. They can talk all they want about “unfair sharing of medical benefits” and such, but even the proposition’s own ad campaign heavily features a strong anti-gay message first and foremost (and I’ve seen nothing but that – I had to look up any other issues the proposition hopes to cover because no one is actually talking about it.) I honestly don’t have much else to say – there really isn’t much to say on the subject because it’s just a vicious, ridiculous proposition. And come Tuesday, I’ll likely be embarassed and sad to say that this state voted this vindictive proposition into law.


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