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November 7, 2006

Jeff Tweedy – Sunken Treasure Live audio downloads available

Filed under: Music,Video — Tom @ 3:45 pm

Anyone who purchased the Sunken Treasure Live DVD was entitled to free downloads of mp3s of the soundtrack, but may have found that for the first couple weeks the DVD was available that the downloads were not.  Well, as of Sunday night, they are, and I was able to grab them surprisingly quickly – in about 10 minutes I downloaded all 24 tracks (yes, that’s actually more songs than on the DVD – thanks Jeff!)

Each song is zipped individually, a bit annoying, yes, but once they’re unzipped and loaded into your player of choice, the sound quality is great, if varying a bit from song to song (due to different venues.)  One relatively minor quibble: each track ends abruptly rather than segueing into the next song as a live album would.  I have to admit that I haven’t had a chance to actually watch the DVD yet, so I don’t know why the songs end so abruptly instead of either fading out or having crowd segues, but if the DVD is this way, I may find myself ripping the audio from that instead, unfortunately – I just don’t like to listen to random live tracks like this even if I’m well aware that they’re all from separate sources.  At least let me pretend they’re from a single concert.


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