Known Johnson

November 8, 2006

The last political post

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Arizona’s elections went surprisingly well. The things I really cared about actually went the way I hoped they would. Arizona voters were actually paying attention! Proposition 201, the ban on public smoking, passed, amazingly, and the two I hoped would fail, proposition 206, the fake-ban on smoking with no enforcement, and proposition 107, the gay-marriage ban, both failed.

I’m also happy to see that RJ Reynolds spent all that money on 206 for absolutely nothing. Not that it means much to them, the few millions they spent were just a pittance to them, but at least it was a waste. I can think of few other industries that are so disgusting and corrupt that they have absolutely no redeeming values whatsoever that I will wish any ill-will I can upon them.

And now it looks like Democrats are most likely going to gain control of both houses of Congress so maybe that means a whole lot less whining. Please? Jesus, please less whining.

Maybe now that the elections are over we can get back to not talking about politics all the time? Am I the only one that’s sick of politics everywhere, all the time? The most boring topic in the world and it’s all everyone talks about. There is so much more interesting stuff to talk about and all everyone does is talk – no, argue – about politics. And that’s all politics does, cause people to argue. Let’s move past politics and just talk about interesting things again.

Oh, okay, I realize for a couple days there’s going to be some whining about the outcome of elections that people didn’t like. I’m already hearing whining from smokers who didn’t like the way 201 and 206 went. Get over it – public smoking bans were bound to happen. Non-smokers are the majority, and finally the majority rules.


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