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November 9, 2006

Scavenging Tower

Filed under: Music — Tom @ 5:53 am

I had all but decided that Tower Records was a dead thing to me – I figured that the vultures had already picked clean the good meat since the going out of business sale started a while back, but finding a coupon for an addition 5% off got me curious (the current sale is 30%.)  So off I went and was thrilled to find that not only were they busy, but there was an additional additional 10% off on top of the 30%, to which I could add my 5%, today only.  Today, it turned out, was my lucky day!

And stock was pretty good – really not as picked over as I’d expected and generally a very good selection.  The jazz section was thinning out – people knew where to head first, apparently.  But after checking the racks, I still didn’t see a ton of stuff I wanted – even at nearly half off, the full retail price of $18.99 doesn’t mean a huge savings over Amazon and used prices.  However, I did stumble upon one unusual thing that grabbed me right away – a 4-disc boxset of jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler’s 4 albums with ESP-Disk, the same four albums that I had really wanted to get.  The price after discount would be something like $25, or $6.25 a disck.  I couldn’t pass it up and I didn’t.  And it’s as beautifully insane as I hoped it would be.

Of course, I also passed on many things that have me scratching my head, one of which is making me a bit sick . . . The Jam’s Direction Reaction Creation, a 5-disc import boxset that was marked at $67.99 and which I’ve wanted for quite a long time.  I did the math wrong in my head and thought it would be nearly $50, more than I wanted to spend, but figured it out later and realized it would have been more like $40.  It’s not even used that cheap at . . . so, yeah, I’m kicking myself now.


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  1. The Tower in Harvard Square has already started their pre-closing sale and I headed over there on Saturday night, mainly to take advantage of their killer classical section. Unfortunately, a lot of people had the same idea long before I got there. Their classical room has been decimated. Crap.

    That makes my Borders gig a lot more challenging now…with the closure of Virgin and the impending closure of Tower, our store will be the primary destination of classical customers. I think I’m up to the challenge.

    Comment by Chris — November 13, 2006 @ 3:17 pm | Reply

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