Known Johnson

November 17, 2006

It overtakes me

Filed under: General — Tom @ 9:12 am

I am thoroughly of the belief that time is slowing down as I approach my week off. I’ve taken the three days off before Thanksgiving so as to make a full week away from work, but in doing so it seems that the work-related time-space continuum has expanded to fill in the empty space that will be next week. In its place have been meeting after meeting and projects that wind up going nowhere because my fellow coworkers are also trickling out of the office for similar full-weeks (or longer) off of work for the Thanksgiving holiday, leaving me with little to do that would make the time go by faster – and yet, somehow, I still manage to have actual work to do. Just not the kind of work that makes the day speed by.

I continue to be amazed that freeways, those non-stop segments of pavement and concrete that are supposed to shuttle us to and fro without the hassle of stopping, manage to befuddle drivers so regularly that I can now count on having to apply my brakes to the point of coming to a complete stop, and sitting that way, multiple times on my daily commute. That these roads only go one direction seems to make things even more difficult, somehow – it’s as if people get confused at some point and just decide, “Well, this isn’t taking me where I want to go, so I’m going to randomly make a right turn . . . NOW!” and plow their car into the one next to them. The system is relatively simple – parallel lines don’t converge – so if you want to merge, you check your mirrors and make your move when you get an opening. It’s that “checking” thing that people don’t seem to have down. I’m not sure why, other than laziness – not that I’m entirely free of laziness, either. But you’d think when we’re only asked a few things on a freeway that we could at least accomplish those without fail. People die because of this laziness.

And a final note: when you’re molding a 1/2″ thick layer of cream cheese onto your bagel, don’t frown at the guy putting butter on his. It’s not like cream cheese is the healthy choice, and certainly not a 1/2 pound hamburger patty’s worth of it.


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