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November 24, 2006

DGMLive posts free 1982 King Crimson show for download

Filed under: Music,News — Tom @ 5:25 pm

This is pretty cool, like a little Christmas present from Fripp & friends: the August 13, 1982 Berkeley, CA King Crimson show, which previously had been available as a Collector’s Club release, has been released on the DGMLive site as a free download.  The reason is that when this CC release came out, it quickly became apparent that there was a problem with the recording – it was at the wrong speed and therefore the music was at the wrong pitch.  That problem has been taken care of with this new version and in order to take care of the issue, they’ve just released the download for anyone who might need it and for anyone who never got around to ordering it, well, here’s a little present.  It may no longer be a particularly great representation of the quality of sound that can be found in the archives, but at least it’s a soundboard recording, right?  And, at a price of “free,” how much can you complain?

My only question is, what happens for those who have the defective first version of this show who cannot download this?  They’re probably few and far between, as the Crimson fans are a pretty internet- and computer-savvy set, but there are certainly a few who will be stuck without this update.


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