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December 3, 2006

Problems in need of solutions

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The problem:


The solution:


I spent most of today building something I was badly in need of: more CD storage. As the first image attests, I am out of room and have been for some time. All of the CDs on the floor? They need homes, and the four racks I have are out of room. If you notice, there are several stacks of CDs laying there in front of the two twin-sized racks, and in the distance is a long row of discs. The former are newer discs that simply have no place to go. The latter are ones that have slowly been migrated out of the fourth and last rack as newer stuff has come in – that represents everything from Wilco to John Zorn, to be exact.

The second image is one of two four-foot tall, two foot wide racks I built today (the materials for which lay below on the concrete) and there’s still one to go. As you can guess, two racks is not enough – that simply solves my problem now, and as I have learned from years of driving in Arizona and dealing with our tendency to design road construction programs for now instead of when they’ll be finished years from now, I have planned ahead to build a third rack for the next few years of music buying.

These are super-sturdy racks – 3/4 pine with plywood backs, glued and screwed (naughty!) everywhere possible for strength. I need these to not only hold the discs vertically but also be able to transport them whenever we move. I simply can’t handle packing up all these discs in flimsy cardboard boxes like I did when we moved into this house years ago – it was a ridiculous mess, a waste of way too many boxes with a lot of wasted space because CDs, like books, weigh a lot, so you can’t really pack many in those boxes. These are designed to move – carefully.

Unfortunately, not having the best equipment on hand, they’re a bit rough, but that’s okay – I’ll just call them “utilitarian” in design. I did the best I could. It was a one-man job. Someday they’ll get sanded and painted to cover the ugliness of this cheap, raw pine, but for now, they’ll get the job done.


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  1. […] Today wound up being one of “those days.” Not a true bad day, really, just one of “those days” that seem like they could easily head that direction. Bad traffic that made me nearly late for a doctor’s appointment, but it didn’t matter because the appointments were all running very late anyway. I just gave up and gave in. There seems to be a point at which you just mentally throw your hands in the air and stop worrying. That happened this morning. I wasn’t even aware of it happening, I just know it happened in retrospect. I gave up and let things happen as they happened, for a while at least. My appointment was extremely late and long, so what? I took the day off work instead – screw it. I went to Costco and did what Alissa and I would have had to do tonight. I bought a big-ass box of saltines. Would I have bought that tonight? Maybe not. I ate lunch with my mind in neutral until it occured to me that I could use the free time I had to finally knock out the final CD rack that I’ve been meaning to put together. So I finished up, got out in the garage and put it together. Now I’m done – except for the organizing. Now I can expand everything from the four nearly-full racks that I had and make space on each shelf for future growth – because there always will be something coming in. […]

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