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December 22, 2006

Christmas list

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  • I woke up sometime in the middle of the night yesterday with some hilarious thoughts about why you shouldn’t invite Vikings into your home. Needless to say, by the time I officially woke up for the day, I had completely forgotten everything but the fact that I had woken up with hilarious thoughts about why one shouldn’t invite Vikings into your home.
  • You can’t tell, but I updated my two WordPress installs for this site and Lookout For Hope and then activated the Akismet spam-blocker. I have been having HUGE comment-spam problems – literally hundreds a week and I was losing the battle keeping them at bey, but with the latest WordPress and Akismet, I have been released from my spam-cleaning duties! It’s truly amazing – not a single bit of the (so far) 299 pieces of comment spam that have hit this site in the last week have passed through for approval by me. Akismet is a saving grace – if you’re using WordPress and don’t have the latest updates or don’t have Akismet, update!
  • Whither Christmas? Maybe it’s just me, or just Arizona, but it seems like Christmas has kind of disappeared this year. I realize not everyone celebrates Christmas, but it seems like most people do to some extent. Few houses on our street have lights up and no one seems to be in much of a Christmas mood. This after one of the more pathetic Halloween’s that we’ve ever experienced. It seems like people just don’t want to bother celebrating anything anymore, or bother with the effort of decorating. I’ve even seen signs around advertising a service that will decorate your house with lights for you. That doesn’t seem very festive – putting up lights is part of the fun, but I guess having someone else do it for you is better than not having them up at all.
  • Somewhat tied into the above, this has been one of the odder Christmas-buying seasons: I got almost all of my buying done early and almost all of it done online. It took most of the stress out of it, but it also sapped it of a lot of the fun that is a part of the season. I feel like I’ve been disconnected a bit from the season for the above and because I wasn’t out in the stores surrounded by everything. I know the stress of shopping takes its toll, but sometimes the hustle and bustle is part of the fun. I’ll seek a better balance next year.
  • After today, I’m off for 10 days from work. This is a true bargain: I took three vacation days next week to make it a full week because we get Monday and Tuesday off for Christmas and of course New Year’s Day the next week falls on Monday. You can’t pass up an opportunity like that.
  • Quite possibly the most hilariously cute thing that Amanda has done yet: whenever one of the many appearances of the famous Chia Pet commercials comes on, she stops and attempts to sing along with it. All she can manage to do is “Cha-cha-cha” but it never fails to send us into fits of laughter. Nearly as funny is the fact that when ads for The Clapper come on, she is compelled to clap along with the announcer’s urging to “clap on, clap off!” That’s the power of marketing right there, people. I’m just glad she can’t use the phone or the computer to order these things.
  • I have a feeling things are going to get very busy over the next two days, so let me take this opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas while I can! I’ll be back next week, posting furiously while I have some free time – be sure and check both sites!

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