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December 27, 2006

Christmas dilemma

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After what seemed like ages (well, two years,) Apple finally upgraded the Ipod to a size I could really use (80gb) and so the proper authorities (Santa/Alissa) were notified at the appropriate time (Christmas.) And what do you know, I was apparently a good enough boy this year to warrant finding one under the tree this year – a shiny black one. It’s awesome – and already stuffed with about 60gb of music.

As much as I like the art-object like sheen of the chrome back and glistening black front, it’s just too slippery and prone to damage, so, as you can see from the picture above, my Ipod is already covered in an Iskin Evo3 case (which I have mixed feelings about, mainly because the lock-button on top is almost impossible to get to because of the very, very thick layer of rubber surrounding it – what were they thinking? Well, I kept wondering that until I started writing this and checked out the Iskin site and realized that what I have is not an Iskin case but a very similar knockoff! There are some notable differences, the first being that lock-button port, the second being two alignment holes (which, by the way, don’t) above the click-wheel (the real Iskin has a single hole below the wheel,) and a sharp edge on the bevel of the click-wheel hole in the plastic, among quite a few other things that I won’t bother going into. It’s just frustrating because Alissa went to the trouble to get this for me and I know she’s going to be upset that it’s not right. She couldn’t have known. I didn’t know for two days either. But it’ll get resolved with a real one soon enough, somehow.

The real dilemma is what to do with ol’ blue up there. He’s been absolutely the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received – my constant companion for the past two years. I feel more than a bit sad to see that little dude being relegated to the “obsolete technology” pile, especially since it’s only simply “out of space,” which may seem ridiculous to some, but when you go through music like I do, it’s a pretty frustrating predicament to run into. So I don’t know what to do. Blue is going to stick around for now, I guess. Maybe I can just rubber-band the two Ipods together and have 120gb of space, just switch the headphones from one to the other when I need to hear something on the other one.

As for the rest of Christmas, Amanda received a mountain of toys that we have no idea where to put when she’s not using them. I even bought an organizer before Christmas that I now realize is probably comically minimal in proportion to the amount of stuff she now has. So we may be getting another one of those soon . . . amazingly.

I couldn’t fool Alissa. She had told me she didn’t want a new Ipod, even after I explained that it now had the most sought-after upgrade from most music-freaks wanted – gapless playback (so concerts play back without that annoying half-second gap) – but she insisted she just didn’t want one. I kept suggesting that maybe she wanted a new Ipod for the past month and she resisted. A couple weeks back it hit me that it would be great fun to make her think I got her one so I asked around and found that one of my coworkers still had the box from her Ipod, a year old but current enough to look new. I carved out the middle and stuck Alissa’s real gift inside – a really nice diamond necklace – and wrapped it up, hoping that when she opened it up she’d get flustered and a bit upset and that I’d have to encourage her to go any further. Well, she opened it, sighed, looked at me, and said something to the effect of, “You did not” and promptly slid the inner box out to expose hidden gift inside. She knows me too well.

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  1. […] The Christmas dilemma has been solved: my old (gosh, that sounds harsh – “well loved”) Ipod has found a new home with my parents. In the continuing saga of dumb bad luck that seems to have followed me the past 10 days or so, the FM transmitter that Alissa had used for the first year she owned one in her car failed to function when I attempted to pass it on to my parents. Not being the kind of people to wander around with headphones on, this means the Ipod is, unfortunately, a bit useless as of right now, but it will soon be providing hours and hours of music for them in their Jeep Liberty. […]

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