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December 30, 2006

Good news/bad news

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The good news is that it wasn’t food poisoning after all. The bad news is that I know that because Alissa got whatever stomach bug that I got . . . and so did her older brother . . . and her mom . . . and her sister. The really good news (so far,) however, is that Amanda has somehow managed to avoid getting this thing, which has been my big fear all week. Knock on wood, cross fingers, pray, whatever it is necessary to continue this through however long it is necessary to get past this – neither of us are up for dealing with ramifications of a spewing toddler.

I did finally eat my first actual “meal” since Sunday night yesterday, and I think my craving says much about me as a person: I wanted, very, very badly, Wendy’s chicken nuggets. I had to go out and get a ground-loop isolator for my truck’s Ipod install (because for whatever reason, the direct Ipod input/charger causes a constant hiss and loud alternator whine in my truck (and my old Ipod only elicits a very minor whine that I can ignore – strange)) and on my way home I just could not resist the call of Wendy’s just down the road from Fry’s Electronics. I’d had a bad experience the previous day with some leftover pizza that Alissa had gotten the day before and decided that I was well enough to eat (I wasn’t, but wouldn’t know that for a few hours – honestly, I should have guess, cheese? come on) so my first bites were more than tentative. Even when I was finished and I felt fine, even hours later, I was unsure and nervous – was this going to unleash an attack on me at any moment? Well, it didn’t and today I’m still fine. And Alissa? Two days later and she’s fine. I don’t get it. I suffered for nearly five days and she’s already back on her feet. Weird.

So maybe now I can have the “vacation” that I’d planned on having. It’s shorter by five days, unfortunately, but now I can have some of the freedom to do as I’d wanted. Now that I have it, however, I have no idea what to do . . .

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