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January 4, 2007

Up to date

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Disease slowly seeps back out of our lives, finally. The stomach bug seems to have dissipated and we’re getting back to normal eating. Amanda, who somehow luckily never did get this stomach thing, is slowly fighting off what seems to be about the 40 zillionth cold this fall, this one being the first that we’ve had to employ the use of cough medicine because it’s settled in her chest. No one wants to hear an old man’s chest rattle in a toddler.

We both felt terribly guilty about forcing the first dose of grape-tastin’ Dimetapp down her throat when she somehow sensed that it was something she would not want to drink on her own, but we were desperate – in the middle of a big cry, I just squirted the remaining contents of the dropper into her gaping mouth. She relayed her unhappiness with further screams and it was apparent that we would have to get creative for further applications. So we’ve taken to hiding it in food – my mom, who’s watching her this week, is mixing it in various things during the day, and we’ve chosen to mix it in with applesauce (which I now dub “Dimetapple”) and she eats it right up. I don’t know why we have to do this – I tasted the Dimetapp and it really isn’t very medicine-y tasting. Why they can’t make adult medicine taste like this, I’ll never understand. This is just like bad grape juice. Oh, sure, you might not want to take it, but between this and, say, Nyquil? Give me Dimetapp. Mmm, good.

The upside is that she sleeps like a rock for a while. The downside is, for whatever reason, she’s been waking up way before us every morning this week. Is it the cold, is it the medicine? We’ll never know.

The Christmas dilemma has been solved: my old (gosh, that sounds harsh – “well loved”) Ipod has found a new home with my parents. In the continuing saga of dumb bad luck that seems to have followed me the past 10 days or so, the FM transmitter that Alissa had used for the first year she owned one in her car failed to function when I attempted to pass it on to my parents. Not being the kind of people to wander around with headphones on, this means the Ipod is, unfortunately, a bit useless as of right now, but it will soon be providing hours and hours of music for them in their Jeep Liberty.

My real Iskin case arrived well ahead of schedule on Saturday this weekend and I’m thrilled to say that it fits like the glove it’s meant to be and is everything that the reviews said it would be. The only thing I didn’t consider is that, being black and silicone, it has a tendency to pick up every bit of dust and lint anywhere near it, but I feel so much safer carrying this slick, slippery little device around in it that I don’t care. Had I to do it over, I’d choose another blue case again – it probably wouldn’t look so great against a black Ipod (the blue silicone being a bit translucent,) but it wouldn’t show as much lint no matter what.

If you’ve been watching Lookout For Hope for my yearly best-of list, keep watching: it’s coming. I swear. Yes, I actually took some time out to create a new header for the site this weekend instead of writing my entries, but the site needed it badly. I hated that old header. As you can see by this header, if I like something, it sticks around – this has been around for about 14 friggin’ months. It’s looooong over due for a replacement, but at the moment I simply can’t think of something to replace it with. And so it stays “Amanda’s first baby shoes” themed. But not much longer – I’ll come up with something soon.


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