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January 16, 2007

Lost and found

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I lost my truck this weekend. Oh, don’t worry – only for a few days for some warranty work to be done. I saved up a bunch of little things that had been nagging me for a while and decided that, now that I’ve had it a year and – believe it or not – nearly 26,000 miles, it was time to get all those little things taken care of. So Saturday I turned her over to Honda for what I knew would likely be at least 3 days and mostly like 4 as they needed the time to dig through all of my issues – small rattles here and there that I already knew were being addressed by Honda but only if you actually ask about them (in the form of “service bulletins” – and found at the very informative and handy Ridgeline Owners Club site (check for your car, there most likely is a “support group” for yours, too, that may answer every weird little issue you’ve had.) What’s nice about this site is that some actual Honda people are kind enough to alert the other owners about new bulletins that are up and how to go about getting them – because some service people aren’t so easy to deal with.)

Today wound up being one of “those days.” Not a true bad day, really, just one of “those days” that seem like they could easily head that direction. Bad traffic that made me nearly late for a doctor’s appointment, but it didn’t matter because the appointments were all running very late anyway. I just gave up and gave in. There seems to be a point at which you just mentally throw your hands in the air and stop worrying. That happened this morning. I wasn’t even aware of it happening, I just know it happened in retrospect. I gave up and let things happen as they happened, for a while at least. My appointment was extremely late and long, so what? I took the day off work instead – screw it. I went to Costco and did what Alissa and I would have had to do tonight. I bought a big-ass box of saltines. Would I have bought that tonight? Maybe not. I ate lunch with my mind in neutral until it occured to me that I could use the free time I had to finally knock out the final CD rack that I’ve been meaning to put together. So I finished up, got out in the garage and put it together. Now I’m done – except for the organizing. Now I can expand everything from the four nearly-full racks that I had and make space on each shelf for future growth – because there always will be something coming in.

And then I went to Zia and I think that’s where I threw it all off – I didn’t really want to, I didn’t have anything in mind that I wanted to buy, but I had some time to kill before I picked up Amanda from my parents and so I went. I wandered around and found nothing of interest – no, that’s a lie, I found things, stuff, junk, things I didn’t really need or want, just stuff I could have bought, but ultimately I just thought, “Do I really need this right now?” Nah. I put stuff back where I found it and shuffled out the door, wishing I’d just stayed home and rested instead.

I say that threw me off because up until then, the day had gone really nicely after that doctor’s appointment, but that unnecessary Zia trip screwed it up because immediately after that it just became a mess – I ran into a huge construction project that made me late to pick up Amanda and therefore Alissa. But once I got them, things fell back into place – I got to entertain Amanda, and Amanda distracted me from the stupidity of the stress of the drive over to get her, and by the time we got to Honda, I was back in a good mood again.

I picked up my keys from the counter at the dealership and headed out to my truck and realized that, for the first time since my first truck, a 1991 Nissan Hardbody (kind of like that one linked, but way better looking,) I just plain love my truck. I haven’t loved anything I’ve driven like this since then. I’ve really liked some of the cars and trucks I’ve had, but this one’s really special. And when I drove it off the lot tonight, I felt why – it’s just a wonderful truck to drive. So smooth, so quiet (especially now that all the rattles I asked about are gone) and so right. The only concern I have is simply due to everything being so technology-driven – will it last? Can cars of today possibly last as long as cars from the past? Will we see these computer-driven behemoths on the road in 20 years? I sure hope so – I really hope to keep this thing a long, long time.


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