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January 24, 2007

Little Man II: The Ruse

Filed under: General — Tom @ 11:23 pm

Another proud Arizona moment . . . this dude . . .

. . . Neil Rodreick, 29 years old, managed to attend classes at two middle schools for 50 days this year and only got kicked out due to poor attendance. That’s right, he passed as 12 years old. Oh, and he was living with two other guys, whom he conned into having sex with him based on the sole belief that he was indeed 12 years old. There’s an even older guy who was somehow involved to the point that he pretended to be this guy-kid’s grandfather. And said dude has a record: he’s a sex-offender himself, having assaulted a girl at some point. At least he’s an equal opportunity offender.

What’s best is that even though Rodreick is an adult, because the guys thought they were having sex with a minor, they’re in jail too. I think we can all agree that’s a good place for these guys. There’s a sick, but fascinating story behind all this that hopefully will come out someday, I’m sure. Let’s hope the Wayans brothers score the rights to this one – I smell a “hilarious” sequel to their “smash” comedy last year, this time starring David Spade as the baby-faced man conning some older guys out of, well, something, until he gets himself in a little too deep. Hilarity ensues!


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