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February 8, 2007

Rush ready to unleash new album

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Granted, these are postings from fan forums, but I’ve waited a while to see if any of this is panning out, and it seems that, after a couple of weeks, most of this is holding water. Most of the fans are just as anxious as I am to hear something new, but just as cautious to not jump the gun – so I’m going to start planting the seeds of hope: the new Rush album will be out May 1st, titled Snakes and Arrows after an ancient Indian game that was adapted into what we know of as “Chutes And Ladders.” Unfortunately, I can’t find the posting where the philosophy behind the title was explained, but it seemed unusual for Peart – something about faith and the spirit, things that the typically atheist Peart doesn’t indulge in.

Most interesting to fans, besides news of the new album in general, should be that the album is expected to come with a DVD of behind the scenes footage of the band in the studio – something we really have never gotten to see except as moments in old videos.

The producer for the album – yes, they actually got a producer this time, thankfully, so hopefully no sonic mess like the otherwise amazing Vapor Trails – is Nick Raskulinecz (you’ll have to scroll down about 1/3 of the way – Neil likes to write a LOT), producer of Foo Fighters’ One By One, which is a great sounding aggressive album. And he’s a fan of the band – reading Neil’s very long posting, it’s obvious this guy loves the band and was really excited to work with them. It sounds like he pulled some great sounds of them – I was particularly intrigued by one passage where Neil remarks that Nick pushed him further than he thought he could be pushed:

Earlier, back in Toronto, we had been working on a complex, syncopated section in one of the songs—a part that had taken me hours to learn—and Nick turned to me and said, “Do you think you could solo over that?”

YES! This is what I want to hear about – I want to hear that they’ve got a producer who is neither afraid of their stature, fanbase, nor expertise and can just lean back and casually ask these guys to go balls-out again.

Some other little tidbits that fans might be interested in: there will be some keyboards and even mellotron, elements that really haven’t figured into the band’s sound in a long time (especially the latter – wow.) The first single will be “Far Cry,” due out for radio March 19-20. A pretty solid rumor is going around that the tour will start June 13 in Nashville. Really looking forward to all of the above.


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