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February 22, 2007

Ian Wallace, RIP

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(This has been re-written/edited for use on Blogcritics.)

It’s been a bad year for fans of the King Crimson 1971-1972 lineup. First it was vocalist/bassist Boz Burrell last fall and now it’s Ian Wallace, who died February 23 of esophageal cancer. I honestly don’t have much to say, I just find it really sad – I’ve grown to really appreciate that band due to Robert Fripp’s incessant releasing of live material from that until-recently overlooked period that really shows them as a strong, vibrant, creative live band, driven by an incredible drummer. Ian will be missed.

DGMLive is now offering two free sample tracks from the fantastic Summit Studios show (available from the Collector’s Club) that both the late Ian and Boz Burrell played on, available at the DGM Shop, with a small note from the powers-that-be:

Farewell, Ian. Five months ago to the day you asked Boz to save you a place where you could “play your balls off somewhere with people you love, to appreciative audiences”. None of us could have known that you would need it so soon.

This page offers a place for the many of us who will wish to leave tributes to this remarkable man.

For those who have not yet bought Summit Studios, we offer two examples of Ian’s unique talent – “My Hobby”, ironically so bursting with life, and “The Sailor’s Tale”. a drum part of which he was rightly so proud.

Our thoughts are with Margie and all those who knew and loved him.

Head on over and grab those samples – and then buy the disc from the DGM Shop because it’s that good.


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  1. Half of that incredible band is gone now…..truly sad.

    Comment by Tom C. — February 23, 2007 @ 8:50 am | Reply

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