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February 27, 2007

Older, wiser . . . well, older

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Birthday came, birthday went and as far as birthdays go, it was a nice one – gifts aplenty, cake, etc. I have since decided that, should my birthday fall on a weekday (and it will 5 times out of 7, obviously) will from now on, if I have the vacation days, take the day off of work. It’s just not as fun being at work knowing I could be at home with Amanda not working.

A quick summary of The Gifting: Rob Sheffield’s book, Love Is A Mix Tape, Clint Eastwood’s beautiful biography of Charlie Parker with Forest Whitaker in the title role, Bird, both seasons of the new Battlestar Galactica, The Devil And Daniel Johnston (a documentary about the fascinating manic depressive musician of the title that is getting rave reviews,) and Ricky Gervais’ Extras on DVD, plus, of course, a number of CDs, most of which I won’t name off for you, but, in a move that may have set the world temporarily tilted the wrong way because, if you know me, some are going to sound like odd choices for me – I’m all about surprises, man. Just to freak you out, I, weird jazz and hardly-known rock guy, feel I must mention that I got the latest from John Legend, Corinne Bailey Rae, and, the one that surprised me most for liking so damned much, Gnarls Barkley – all of them are good but the last is especially so. And even stranger, my parents, of all people, bought it first and I borrowed it to check out and then fell in love. Hell of a fun listen. One big benefit to not listening to radio nor watching MTV: “Crazy” is practically brand new to me. Don’t fret about the world being tilted, however, because things were probably righted for the world by me also receiving the big 3-disc Iron Maiden live DVD set that came out not too long ago. That’s balance.

And tonight was Alissa’s birthday – yes, that’s right, back to back birthdays. No we didn’t plan it that way. Anyway, I surprised her with a Nintendo Wii that was a hard-fought battle to track down a week ago – these things are still just as hot as the day the were released into stores, believe it or not. Not a single local store had them – believe me, I spent a lot of time and gas driving around fruitlessly – but I found a local seller on Ebay and therefore saved myself the shipping costs so I wound up getting it for only a little over retail. The way I figured, what initially sounded ridiculous – paying more than retail – became a decent idea when it became clear that I’d have to sit in a line for hours to possibly get one of the few that might make it to store shelves on the random days that Nintendo released them to stores. That didn’t sit well with me, and I really, really wanted Alissa to have one, so I bit the bullet, pulled the trigger, and probably several other cliches.

If anyone out there wanted to get either of us a gift, that’s awesome, but what I’d really like you to do is just to promise to start watching the CW’s Veronica Mars when it comes back on in late April. It’s the best drama on TV right now, and this is probably a good time to jump in for the 4 or 5 remaining episodes of the season to get a good idea of what the show’s like. If you’re frustrated with Lost* not giving you enough clues, watch VM – you’ll be choking on information and won’t know where to go next. Incredible show – smart, funny, and very well written. And, of course, it struggles. WATCH IT, I implore you – don’t let this go down in flames like Arrested Development. Consider it a gift for me.

*Hey, I still love Lost but can understand that some don’t. I won’t accept anything other than love for Veronica Mars. And, besides, VM star Kristen Bell? Guys, let me put it this way: you need to watch.


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  1. I been watching VM since the first DVD set came out, and I happily await the Season 3 set. And yeah, Kristen Bell is a little cutie.

    Did you see her two-ep appearance in the first season of Deadwood?

    Comment by Yogi — February 28, 2007 @ 12:00 pm | Reply

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