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March 26, 2007

Rush’s Snakes & Arrows debuts on DVD-Album format

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According to Rush news site Power Windows, Snakes & Arrows, Rush’s upcoming album, will be releases not only on the venerable CD format (and surely Itunes as well) but will be the frontrunner for Warner Music’s latest prank on the public, the DVD-Album format.

Just what is the DVD-Album format? Good question! Basically, it’s a typical DVD with only music content on it in both stereo and surround-sound formats, and it’ll be augmented with some extras of some kind (including, apparently, some digital audio formats for your Ipods and the like.) Sound familiar? Yeah – we’ve been buying these things as bonus discs in deluxe editions for a couple of years now. Only now they’ve taken away the CD and give us only the DVD, then jacked up the price! Brilliant! As one analyst says in the article linked, “Is it going to be a big deal? I tend to think not, given the failures of previous high end formats.”

Anyway, back to Rush’s DVD-Album version of Snakes & Arrows: in addition to the music, it’s reported to contain a first-ever “behind the scenes” documentary following the band as they record their latest album, which will likely drive nearly all of the sales of this ridiculous format for most fans, which is why Warner chose this title for the debut of the format in the first place: guaranteed success. They know the Rush fans have never had an opportunity to see inside the working process of the band and the band documentary on R30 was the surprise hit of the set. This dumb format is guaranteed to sell out its 25,000 copy limited-edition run pretty quickly because all of us Rush fans are going to eat this crap up. I know I’ll be buying a copy and, if you can’t tell by now, I think this is a stupid, stupid format.


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