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April 4, 2007

Idol confessions

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It seems as if most of the networks have simply given up against the juggernaut that is American Idol – they’ve either rescheduled their popular shows around the air times of episodes, like ABC did with Lost, or just took off all new episodes all together between sweeps months, which is what most other networks seem to have done. And with them, we have given in, too – yes, after years of resistance, I must admit that Alissa and I are watching more than just the first humiliation rounds of American Idol.

I have always thought it was one thing to watch the delusional go up against Simon – mean, yes, but these people clearly know what they’re in for and at some point someone has to tell them they just plain can’t sing. But beyond that, we’ve never bothered to watch. But this season we were a bit curious to see how our local girl, Jordin Sparks, who attended a high school just a couple miles away from our house, would fare, so we figured maybe we’d tune in once in a while to see. And then we watched as show after show of ours disappeared from sight until only American Idol was left. We wound up watching, somewhat unwittingly, night after night, week after week. And now we’re hooked.

The thing is, I have no real investment in this. I’m watching it purely as entertainment – and mostly because it’s just so bad that it’s great. Sure, Melinda has the best and most incredible voice on the show, and I’m rooting for Jordin because she’s “our girl,” and, frankly, I think she’s the most overall talented. Sanjaya, of course, is everyone’s focus of attention – “what is he going to do this week? How long will he last?” While I find it kind of fun to watch this horrible trainwreck that Sanjaya has become continue to pile up, I feel bad for the real singers who unfortunately get kicked off because of his “fans” who keep voting for him. Sure, they also would not have made it to the top spot, but at least they would have had the pleasure of lasting longer and being among real talent.

Personally, I think that Jordin actually could win, and not just because she’s the local favorite. I think she’s got the perfect mix – a great voice and that great spunky personality that makes for a good entertainer. Melinda’s the obvious vocal talent – she can’t be beaten in that category, but, really, what does she have to offer when it comes to the entertainment part of things? How many of you really want to buy an album of the music she sings? Beautiful voice, but she’s going to have a limited audience outside of AI where Jordin could really blossom into a complete performer – maybe not the powerhouse of Kelly Clarkson, but a success on a smaller scale.

After I called not only the exact bottom three last week, but Chris Sligh’s elimination (and, of course, my correct prediction last year that Taylor Hicks would be a dud outside of American Idol), I decided that I need to start posting my predictions on the site, but not without the above confession. Because, you know, it might look really weird to just randomly start talking about AI. So, without further ado, my predictions:

Bottom three:

Haley: A boring rendition of “Ain’t Misbehavin'” can’t be saved by simply being hot, or, as Simon points out, having nice legs. Her delivery is so vanilla that she could easily be backing a cat food commercial, and I predict she’ll be doing something along those lines as soon as her Idol-affiliation wears off.

Phil: Baldy, man, that was boring and dreary. “Night And Day” is not meant to be such a downer of a song, but you sure sapped the life out of it, and, as Alissa pointed out, made it sound as if you were being played back to us in slow-motion. Dedicated to your wife or not, it was lifeless.

Sanjaya: Well before he made his appearance, Alissa wondered what he would do with his hair, since that has become his calling card. “Slicked back, maybe?” Sure enough, when he emerged, it was with slicked back hair, sporting a too-large white suit, singing “Cheek To Cheek” – his attempt to show the audience that he “could really sing.” But, as usual, his act was mostly spent diverting the audience with personality, as he grabbed Paula for a dance mid-song. Hey, it worked to give the performance a bit of pizazz, but it was otherwise a boring rendition.

Going home: This is a tough one, but I think it might just be Sanjaya’s night to head home. I think his schtick has finally worn out, especially after a lackluster night like last night where he did next to nothing that would get people talking – after all, what’s kept him going has been the inertia from people wondering what “crazy” thing he would do next. Now that he’s shown he wants to be serious, people are going to lose interest. Unless the “vote for the worst” people really are making that big of a dent in things, in which case I have to do a coin toss and say . . . Phil. Haley’s looks will keep her on just a bit longer.

Update: Well, crap. I was partially right, but, in the end, totally wrong where it counted most. Phil, Haley, and Gina?! Gina was a complete surprise – I thought she was a pretty competent singer. Clearly not going to be the ultimate winner, but definitely one of the better contenders. Somehow, however, she wound up in the bottom three and voted off while dumbass Sanjaya got to sit down and grin like a fool.


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