Known Johnson

April 4, 2007

Quick updates

Filed under: General — Tom @ 9:51 pm
  • Anyone stopping by (here or on any of my sites) on Wednesday might have noticed a nice message, something to the effect of “Account Suspended” in big, bold letters. I spent a nervous day trying to figure out what I’d done wrong, called my host on the way home on my cell phone that never drops calls. Mid-way through the conversation, finding out what went wrong and how to fix it, what do you know? My call got dropped. Regardless, I found out what happened, at least – apparently some spammer used one of my email addresses for a phishing scam and it got reported to my host, who immediately shut me down (understandably.) What’s not understandable is why they couldn’t simply send me a damned email telling me why I’d been shut down, instead of the cryptic email that stated that I’d “violated service agreement terms.” Okay, but what terms?!

    I got back on the phone with tech support tonight, got my site turned back on (with outgoing email suspended as a punishment for this problem – big deal, I never use it anyway) and found out that I desperately need to update my old sites (unproductivity and thebeautifullull) to the latest WordPress because someone may have exploited a security breach in one of the PHP files in their ancient WordPress installs.

  • Also big news, in case you don’t check my music/etc. site, I’m keeping up with American Idol as of this post. Yes, I’ve finally fallen victim to the steamroller that is AI. I’ll be keeping my thoughts on each week from now on posted on the site, so be sure and check in after each episode to see my thoughts.

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