Known Johnson

April 4, 2007

Rush Snakes & Arrows DVD-Album update

Filed under: Music,News — Tom @ 9:00 am

For those keeping tabs on the DVD-Album version of Snakes & Arrows, I have two updates.

  1. My pre-order from Amazon, placed a few weeks ago at the link I provided and which no longer works, has now been cancelled by Amazon. There is no replacement yet for the DVD-Album version on Amazon, but Best Buy still shows it on their site (with the wrong date.)
  2. The release date has been pushed back to May 22 as there have been production delays. My guess is there have been no actual production delays, rather the label has realized they have a MAJOR awareness and publicity problem on their hands with regards to what DVD-Albums are and are trying to prevent a very bad consumer backlash when buyers return what they thought were CD/DVD packages.

This whole thing is a huge, stupid mistake. What, they have no consultants who could tell them the buying public is not going to respond well to yet another format? They haven’t been paying attention to how not well Blu-Ray and HD-DVD have been selling, nor the failure of DualDisc?


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