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April 8, 2007

Easter here again

Filed under: General,Music — Tom @ 2:37 pm

Had I more time, I’d write up a post about our zoo expedition last weekend, but I’ve run myself out of time once again. Lots of pictures and lots to talk about, but, alas, no time to do so at the moment.

Instead, I’ll just offer a relatively rare audio file to celebrate Easter – Marillion’s “Easter.” It’s not really about the day so much (it’s a love song to Ireland, really, and if you want a bunch of info on what it’s all about, here’s a good place for more) but it’s still called “Easter” and that suits my needs. Plus it’s a great song (if it has some dated sounds, please keep in mind that it’s nearly 20 years old) and I’ll do what I can to help expose the band to more people at the moment – their new album is just days (or weeks, depending on where you live, like us in the US) from appearing on store shelves, and those of us who ordered it from the band’s special connection are just starting to get theirs and are freaking out at how great it is. So here’s a little Easter egg from me to you, dear Reader:

Marillion – Easter – 8mb, live version from Christmas In The Chapel DVD available at


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  1. No Easter egg hunt pics of Amanda? 😦 I got a good one of Abby trying to eat an Easter egg — shell and all! haha!

    Comment by Lisa Harris — April 10, 2007 @ 3:10 pm | Reply

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