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April 11, 2007

Idol diversions: Latin night

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Well, I don’t know. This was a pretty crappy night’s worth of singing. It was “Latin Night” with guest mentor Jennifer Lopez, who actually managed to give some of the contestants some usable advice for once. I’m not even going to bother reporting on what most of the singers offered because, well, I don’t even know what most of them sang. It was just be me saying, “Phil sang some vaguely Latin-tinged song.” AI is a show filled with music I just don’t like in general, but tonight was a night of music I really don’t even know, aside from the obvious old Gloria Estefan songs.

Here’s what I can tell you: despite Simon’s negative reaction, Melinda killed whatever song it was she sang, as usual. Blake also brought home a great performance, maybe the best of the night. Lakisha’s take on “Conga” was truly awful, showcasing why I don’t think she’ll make it to the top 3 – she can’t do anything but big ballads. Chris Richardson turned in yet another hypernasal performance of the oh-so-Latin Santana-with-Rob Thomas hit, “Smooth.” Phil did something else that was apparently Santana-sourced, and it was his typical boring delivery, and Haley made sure that she had as much leg as legally possible on display, since her take on Estefan’s “Turn The Beat Around” will surely have her in the bottom three. I was let down by local favorite Jordin, who turned in a just so-so performance of, you guessed it, another Estefan number, this time “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.” Not awful, not great, just there.

They obviously saved Sanjaya for last for effect, what with last week’s offering being so tame and, well, pretty lame. Alissa hoped he’d do Ricky Martin’s “She Bang” to bring closure to the “idiots who shouldn’t get this far” effect, but he actually did “Busamè Mucho” – and did it okay. Let’s face it, “okay” is about as good as it gets with this kid, but he sure does know how to work the audience and, especially, the camera. He surely had hundreds of thousands of little girls at home in tears as he gazed lustily into the camera as it panned around him. The boy can work it when he wants to, and he’s certainly safe this week, without a doubt.

I think by now it’s getting safe to pick a final top three: Jordin, Blake, and Melinda, with the big battle going between Blake and Jordin, believe it or not. Blake is rapidly improving and increasing his ability to roll with the changes from week to week while no one else can, and while Melinda has a fantastic voice, she’s a niche performer that simply isn’t going to appeal to a wide audience – this obviously hasn’t been a problem in the past, as the Taylor Hicks debacle has shown, but Blake may just charm his way past her. Jordin is still a very strong contender simply because she’s a better overall entertainer than Melinda. Her vocals are not as strong, but she has youth and a fun spirit that people can’t help but enjoy. But between her and Blake, there’s going to be a tough decision.

Bottom three for last night: Haley, Phil, and, yes, believe it or not, I predict Lakisha because it was such a poor performance, but I’ll thrown in a back up of Chris because Lakisha has a lot of backers who could pull for her even though she is increasingly showing she isn’t a flexible performer.

Going home: Phil. Haley’s legs will keep her around once again.

Update: My back-up bottom-three proved to be correct, but it was Legs that is gone! Not totally shocking, of course, since she was in the bottom, but still, I really expected one of the guys to go this week. I have to say, I’d sure rather have her to look at than Bat Boy Phil.


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