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April 11, 2007

Overlooked Alternatives: EST, Killing Joke, Billy Martin & John Medeski

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What’s the Easter bunny left behind this week besides little mouths smeared with chocolate and a sugar high?

EST – Tuesday Wonderland: I reviewed one of EST’s previous albums, Seven Days Of Falling, a almost three years ago, quite liked it, and then promptly lost track of them. I’ve seen their name pop up from time to time and made mental notes to keep checking them out, but, again, I forget – my mind is like a sieve. But I’ve promised myself to keep up again because, on revisiting Seven Days again, I find I still feel the same – and Mehldau fans may likely enjoy this group, too, just as I pointed out then. I expect this new release will be more of this thoughtful, cinematic mood-setting jazz.

Killing Joke – Inside Extremities: Mixes, Rehearsals, and Live: I dropped the ball on this last week, dear Readers. Delayed week after week after week for a couple of months, I gave up watching the lists for this one and simply relied on my preorder at Amazon and their release date and, well, they let me down – it actually came out then and they, for whatever reason, didn’t get it in and so I too didn’t get mine, either. Regardless, it’s out, and since I love the Joke, here’s the scoop – a week late: one disc is a set of studio outtakes from the Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions of marginal interest to all but the most diehard of fans. That’s really not what’s the interest here, however. What fans will be buying this for will be the live disc from the Extremities tour, Killing Joke’s sole outing with powerhouse drummer Martin Atkins flailing away behind them with his signature huge drum sound.

These guys started what became the pattern for industrial metal in the 90s – and they did it back in the early 80s. They might not have been at their creative height by the time of 1990’s Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions, but they were still turning out intense, charged music. If you want to hear who so many bands stole their sound from, check out Killing Joke – and they’re still going strong today.

Billy Martin and John Medeski – Mago: To tell you the truth, I don’t really know what this is. Jam-jazz group Medeski, Martin, but no Wood. I imagine it’s basically that formula minus Chris Wood’s bass contributions. We’ll have to wait until I get a copy to find out . . .

Bok bok” Thanks Easter bunny!


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