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April 17, 2007

Idol observations: country week

Filed under: TV — Tom @ 10:09 pm

I’m not going to be one of those people who instantly reacts with blech when the genre “country” is brought up, but when it’s brought up in relation to American Idol . . . blech. Tonight went pretty much how I expected it to go: a bunch of dreck I don’t give a crap about, with a few great performances from exactly who I expected them from (I’m talking about you Melinda, Jordin, and Blake – once again, my final three contenders, if you didn’t notice. Great vocals, great showmanship – as usual.) The rest, well, blech.

Phil was slightly less bland, as the judges were quick to point out, and this does seem to be his genre. But he just doesn’t have it. The one night he could have legitimately used a hat and he chooses to go bald. Go figure. Lakisha oversang some super hokey Carrie Underwood song and proved what I have been saying: she can only sing big ballads. Outside of those, she seems lost. Chris was terrible, awful, very bad – everything about his performance was less than interesting. Nasal and lacking confidence, it was everything you don’t want to see in a performer. And, of course, Sanjaya, who seems to just come out on stage every week and do everything with as little energy as possible, as if he’s just daring to see how little he can get away with and still get by. And the judges’ extremely negative reaction virtually guarantees a knee-jerk reaction against theirs, securing him one more week on the show. I predict he’ll easily make it into the top-5, but not much further.

Bottom three: This is easy: Phil, Chris, and Lakisha. She has to be there at some point, and I think it’s finally going to happen this week. But she won’t be going home.

Going home: Nope, I predict that Chris will be packing his bags due to his extremely poor performance tonight. Phil’s been scraping by in the bottom three for weeks now, but this was a decent performance, and it was miles ahead of Chris.


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