Known Johnson

April 24, 2007

We got the funk

Filed under: General — Tom @ 11:41 pm

I’m in one of those, for lack of a better word, funks. It’s taken me a couple of weeks to realize it, but it finally hit me tonight. Except it’s like a reverse funk, where it’s just too much of everything going on at once. Too much information, too much here and there, too much . . . ruckus (“could you describe the ruckus, sir?”) Today felt like too much too much, I realized tonight, just now, really. I spent half the day stressing out – I’m not kidding – about whether or not I was going to get the extremely limited edition of Porcupine Tree’s new album, Fear Of A Blank Planet. Long story short: a tiny run of a luxurious package and a bunch of assholes buying multiple copies to keep sealed and displayed on their shelves and a tardy me placing an order for said limited edition equates to doomed prospects. Can I just say I hate collectors and the collector mentality? Buy things because you love them. Buy things to open, play with, and enjoy, not simply display in their original shrink wrap. Their monetary value may come from being pristine, but their sentimental value comes from being tangible.

But, good news, I may have tracked one down, but I won’t know until I hear back from the one online store I found that claimed they had them in stock for very decent prices (forget Ebay, they were going for ridiculous prices already.) Anyway, the stress I placed on getting this special edition took me away from simply enjoying the prospect of new music, which is just dumb, but it kind of illustrates to me that I’m just not focusing at all right now. I’ve been seriously neglecting this site even while I’ve maintained a kind of silent resolution to write more here, so I’m going to get back to that.

Most of all, I just need to get my head unstuck, get it unwrapped from all the tight cords of discontent and confusion that I’ve gotten enmeshed within lately. My biggest problem is that I’m a consumate researcher and I’m not content until I feel I’ve thoroughly dug deep into everything I can on whatever happens to be in my mind at the moment. Right now it’s this Porcupine Tree album, for the past couple of weeks it was the upcoming Genesis remaster/remix box set (which has been a convoluted debacle in itself that I will detail at a later date.) It’s always something, and since I’m a music fiend, it’s almost always something music. So on nights like tonight when I get a moment to think, I am hit with what you all are probably thinking: this is crazy. I need times like this, or I might turn into one of those damned collectors – it wouldn’t take much. Just a tiny push in one direction, just a bit more obsession and a little less clarity . . .


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