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April 28, 2007

What is up

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I guess it’s a pretty big sign that we’re officially parents when I pass up seeing Crowded House, one of my favorite bands, who stopped in Phoenix for their first official tour date (besides a couple of warm-up dates) in eleven years . . . but we will be going to see the Elmo Makes Music show next weekend. Ah, the things we do for our kids – Crowded House would have been half the cost of Elmo!

Amanda has expanded her vocabulary to an astounding degree in the past couple of months, which makes it a lot of fun doing pretty much anything with her. She says “bye-bye” to everyone and everything, usually several times, and often during dinner will exclaim “Mama! Mama! Hi!” and wait for a response, then turn to me and blurt out “Dada! Dada! Hi!” Dogs are now “dawlaks,” birds are “birlaks,” but cars and cows are pretty distinct – however, we’re wondering if she’s from Boston because car has the distinct Boston accent: “caw.” The most amusing, however, is that while she can clearly pronounce “mama,” “dada,” and calls my dad “poppa,” my mom is not whatever form of “grandma” she could pronounce but instead is something along the line of, and I write phonetically here, “buhlooblyshbloo.” Hey, a name’s a name, and when she calls out “buhlooblyshbloo,” you know who she wants.

I picked up a pair of gloves for, believe it or not, the glovebox in my truck. It seems I run into situations where I need some gloves and never have them with me, so I got a cheap pair to keep with me, thereby proving wrong the Death Cab For Cutie song “Title And Registration”: it is not inaccurately named now. (Lyrics here for those unfamiliar.

Let me tell you, I am sadly excited to try out Turtle Wax’s Liquid Clay Bar. I’ve been claying the cars once a year or so and it is no exaggeration to say that if you want the absolute best wax job ever, this is a vital step. Claying removes a bunch of junk that cannot be removed by washing alone, as the clay picks up road-borne contaminants that mar your finish. When you’re done, you literally have a glass-smooth finish. The problem with clay is that, if you drop it, well, you’re done – use that on your car and you’ll likely rub dirt into the paint and scratch the hell out of it. Well, Turtle Wax has come out with a simpler solution (literally) that, from reviews I read, actually does exactly what clay does, and many claim in less time. So I grabbed that and a bottle of what many are claiming is a great new high-tech wax, Meguiar’s NXT, for what I hope to be a faster wax process than the – I kid not – two day, four step process I’ve had to go through (clay, and then three step Meguiars wax process.) We’ll see – no matter what, it’s what I’m doing to both cars because they both need waxing badly. Sounds like a pretty exciting weekend, eh?


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  1. […] Wax on, wax off I spent most of Memorial Day waxing my truck, after having spent part of the Sunday afternoon prior to that claying the truck with my newly purchased Clay Magic kit. You may remember some mention of claying in a previous post in which I purchased Turtle Wax’s new Liquid Clay Bar. Well, I gave that a try on Alissa’s car, got as far as the hood with that, and changed the name from “Clay Bar” to something that begins with “s” and sound suspiciously like “hit.” I dug out my old Clay Magic bar and went to work and in about the same time that it took me to do the damned hood had the whole car clayed and, as it should, it felt like glass once waxed. I have come to realize that trucks are always more difficult to deal with when cleaning, requiring about double the amount of time and energy, so it came as no surprise that my Ridgeline took far longer. The results, however, were much the same – the finish is amazingly smooth. Seriously, if you love your car, do it and yourself a favor and give it a claying once a year. You will reap rewards come time to sell it – people freak out at how well paint gets taken care of when you do this. It removes all the damage that the sun and the chemicals from the road can do to your paint. It obviously can’t fix paint damage, but it seems to ward off fading completely – four years on and the paint on Alissa’s Accord looks just like it did the day we picked it up. […]

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