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May 2, 2007

Idol observations: Bon Jovi week (I guess?)

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After the nightmare that was last week, a bunch of dreadful tear-jerker “songs of hope and compassion,” and then, of course, the much talked-about non-elimination, the only real high points I could speak of would be Kelly Clarkson performing with Jeff Beck on Patty Griffin’s beautiful “Up To The Mountain,” and it really was pretty impressive, and Jack Black hopping on stage to do Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” followed by very staged “critiques” by the judges. But I give Idol credit – $70 million raised last week. It makes me a little sad that the Jerry Lewis telethons have to work so hard for so much longer and involve so many more people for so much less money. Maybe it’s time to rethink the process?

But on to this week . . . Jon Bon Jovi, I guess to promote the Bon Jovi album coming out early this summer, mentored the remaining Idols singing his songs, and the results were decidedly strange. Phil was Phil – not awful, not great with “Blaze of Glory”; Chris was surprisingly not awful, but it was clear he was out of his element and really straining to keep up with “(Wanted) Dead Or Alive”; Blake beat-boxed and strangely didn’t completely ruin “You Give Love A Bad Name”; Melinda, as usual batted hers out of the park with “Have A Nice Day,” but still seemed out of her element; but the big surprise was seeing Lakisha and Jordin. Lakisha tackled something I’ve never even heard of by the band, “This Ain’t A Love Song,” and nearly erased weeks of lackluster performances by singing as if her life depended on it. Jordin, on the other hand, picked the wrong damned song with “Livin’ On A Prayer,” and it was terrible – her worst performance by far. Much as people like to dismiss the talents of rock singers, it becomes obvious when pop singers take on rock songs that there’s something extra in rock vocalists that makes them what they are, and Jordin (and Chris, and Phil, and Melinda) showed that she simply can’t hack it with rock material.

Will any of that matter, however, even if Jordin receives very few votes, when this week’s votes are combined with last week’s votes to boot the bottom two this week? I can’t imagine that Jordin is really in trouble, especially since she has so many fans who will forgive one minor screw up like this – and they most likely know that this is not her genre to begin with. Will Lakisha gain ground because of her stellar performance? Possibly, but weeks of not delivering may simply have caught up with her, but I don’t know that it’s her time to go yet.

Bottom three four: Dammit, I had to re-edit this becuse I forgot – with TWO going home this week, there’s probably going to be a bottom FOUR, not three. Phil, Chris, Lakisha, and, I hate to say it, Jordin. Like I said, I doubt Jordin is in trouble. I think Phil and Chris have been on shaky ground for quite a while and Lakisha’s foundation may be starting to crumble, too. There’s just no way that Jordin’s going home – it’s pretty clear that she was far and away a huge #1 last week, which will probably keep her completely safe no matter how few votes she receives this week. Lakisha is iffy, but I think she may have saved herself for at least one more week. Phil, Chris, you’re going down in a “blaze of glory” because you’re not “wanted, dead or alive.”

Update: What do I win? Okay, so I was off on the “bottom four” thing, but only in that they didn’t have a bottom four. But Phil and Chris are both outta there. What do I get?


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