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May 2, 2007

In spite of all the mucus

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I got an unexpected day off from work today. It seems little Miss Amanda came down with a pretty nasty cold over the past couple of days. She had a really bad cough on Monday night and we decided to take her in to the doctor this morning, but she suddenly stopped coughing after I made the appointment – you know how that goes. So I thought she was doing better . . . until she actually got up and proceeded to expel snot at high velocity. That was when I decided to just take the day off and let her rest at home with me where she would be most comfortable.

We had a good day, in spite of all the mucus, which blasted out of her nose on a pretty regular schedule. I think today might have been the most number of wipes I have ever gone through since she arrived, this being, by far, the worst single day of a cold she has yet had. It got me thinking: I can’t recall any instances in my life when I have sneezed and blown copious amounts of liquids out my nose, uncontrollably, so there must be a point at which you actually gain control of that. After today, I really wonder when that is.

One fun thing today was that Amanda was extremely polite – everything I gave her was received with a “Dank you, dada.” Mind you, she didn’t thank me for all the wiping up I did, but I’m sure she appreciated it because she seemed to enjoy having the contents of her nose on her arms and hands about as much as I did.

While she was sleeping in the afternoon, I spent a bit of time on my computer sorting through dozens and dozens, literally, of live concerts that I’ve downloaded over the past couple of years. It seems my hard drives are starting to fill up and it’s mostly live stuff – all of it FLAC encoded (this would be a compression scheme that keeps audio files from losing their fidelity unlike mp3 files do, but the downside is very large files) and I’m not entirely sure how many of them made it to CD (most have made it into Itunes, at least.) It may seem dumb that I worry about this since I do have them in Itunes, but if I lose my Itunes library, I lose those files, too, so I need to have all those concerts saved somewhere else. Believe me, this is a big job that I should never have been so lazy with, and now I’m slowly sorting out what is already burned as audio or archived or what is just plain not important.

And the other part of the day I finally got to watch one of the DVDs of Bill Bruford’s Earthworks Anthology, and I can report that it’s fantastic. Expensive, yes, but for fans of the band, especially those not in cities that would ever be graced by their presence, the live material here is a must-see – especially the electronic, chordal-drumming Bruford does in Volume 2. Really fascinating to watch a drummer play melodies. Amanda awoke midway through that and ate her lunch, swaying in rhythm to a couple of tunes – she’s hep.

Who knows what the next couple of days brings – hopefully her cold will subside so her encounter with Elmo on Saturday isn’t marred by being sick. I’m just hoping neither Alissa nor I comes down with this, either.


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