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May 9, 2007

Idol observations: Bee Gees night

Filed under: TV — Tom @ 8:26 am

Well, first, Bee Gees . . . eh. And two songs by each performer . . . eh. I wondered how they were going to fill the time. Okay, so it wasn’t all disco, thankfully, but it wasn’t a particularly great bunch of songs, either. I just have to ask – why did Barry Gibb have to point out, seemingly surprised, when the singers chose songs with falsetto? Aren’t most of his vocals falsetto? Did they have that much choice?

Melinda turned in her usual solid performances – nothing stunning, nothing bad, but I felt like the whole thing was a nightclub performance. Blake . . . man, what the hell? First he chose to actually do the falsetto on “You Should Be Dancing” for the whole damn song, which is just not his strong suit as we’ve seen before, then he adds in his damned beat-boxing every chance he gets, and then he chooses some completely unknown Bee Gees song, “This Is Where I Come In” and rearranges it to make it even more unknown. Blake, dude, it’s unknown by most for a reason. Lakisha slows down “Stayin’ Alive” a bit in an attempt to make it more soulful or something, then nearly blows out her voice on a high note at the end of “Run To Me,” which otherwise was pretty solid. Jordin, coming in with video of Barry saying something ridiculous to the effect of him having heard hundreds of versions of this song before but never one as great as hers, does a very good job of “To Love Somebody,” which winds up sounding like a modern country song (which is to say, not very “country,” but you know what I mean.) Her second song is the song that Barbra Streisand made famous, “Woman In Love,” and while the judges found it “pitchy” in spots, I thought it was pretty powerfully sung.

Going home: Lakisha. Blake had a worse night, but Lakisha has lost her support, I’m afraid. I just wish she could take his beat-boxing with her.


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