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May 9, 2007

Reasons why I would make a terrible secretary

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I’ve worked at my company for nearly 6 years, using the same basic phone for that same time, but I still don’t know how to transfer a call. I’ve tried it before when I’ve gotten a wrong number caller, and the process seems to be pretty simple: hit “transfer” and dial the proper extension, the one they really wanted to reach. But it never works, instead resulting in the other party being dropped. So when I receive a call and they ask to be transferred, I usually tell them, “I’ve tried this transfer thing before but it usually doesn’t work out,” and then do it, and then drop them when I mess it up. I always wish I’d said a pre-emptive “sorry” before I set about my duty, but I never remember to. I would make a terrible secretary.

Today was my latest transfer-attempt and it went no differently. Only this time the caller was kind of rude, not really asking to be transferred more than pretty much demanding it. I told her who I was when I answered, she said she had the wrong number, then said, “Okay, well transfer me to extension _____.” I warned her, transferred, and she got dropped. And then, five minutes later, the phone rang again with her number. I didn’t bother to pick up, instead proclaiming out loud, “Lady, I’m not answering. You know this isn’t the right number!” This would be another reason why I would make a terrible secretary.


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