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May 17, 2007

CW: Veronica Mars shall investigate no more

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Ever since the painful death of my beloved Arrested Development a couple years back, I’ve found it hard to get behind the campaigns to keep TV shows alive. I’m a dad now – I don’t quite have the time to devote to campaigns like that, nor the energy. Besides, it seems that once a network decides a show is no longer in favor, that’s it – a decision has already been made and it’s only a matter of time before the ax falls. So, as those who’ve been reading here for a while know, I’ve made a few pleas to watch one of TV’s best, most under-watched shows, Veronica Mars, but I didn’t go on quite the crusade that I did for AD. It was probably because I knew today would come no matter my efforts: Veronica Mars has officially been canceled.

It’s not just the cancellation that’s so insulting. It’s what the CW has opted to pick up in its place: a dating show about a farmer looking for a new wife, another about things happening online, and a “news” show along the lines of Entertainment Tonight – because we need more of those. My guess is that all of these will be canceled in short order. Granted, Veronica Mars struggled with its ratings, but CW wasn’t exactly supportive. More supportive of it than, say, Fox was of Arrested Development, but that’s not saying much, especially given that practically no one watches the CW to begin with.

Veronica Mars was fertile ground from which to grow a very strong, dedicated following, just like the one that claimed Gilmore Girls as their own. On a network this small – and new – it simply needed more time and support, but when your network is focused solely on the fickle, attention-deficient whims of an audience in the 14-24 year old market, an intelligent show like Veronica Mars simply isn’t going to work. I should have known to be prepared for today, and yet I found myself angry and let down just the same. I know some will think this is silly, getting upset over a TV show. It’s “just” a TV show and yet, is it just a TV show? Aren’t these things we reward ourselves with and look forward to? I guess, in the case of Veronica Mars, not any longer.


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