Known Johnson

May 26, 2007

Come hither, death

Filed under: General — Tom @ 3:28 pm

I beckon Death with open arms to our home. Come hither, Death, just don’t knock upon our door – I only want you to hang around outside and kill.

You see, I sprayed some kick-ass bug spray around the house today. I’ve sprayed it before and it is, hands down, the best bug spray you can get, from my experience, outside of professional applications for which you would pay way more. We’ve always had big problems with crickets and I hate crickets. Since I started using this stuff last year, no crickets. And really not much of anything else. And I’m alright with that. I don’t view my house as “the environment” – I don’t want bugs and such to live here, so as long as this stuff is safe for humans and cats, it’s good with me. So today I put down another bi-monthly application and made sure to completely cover our back porch, which is where Amanda’s little slide is (being sure to move the slide before I sprayed, of course) so that nothing can come up on the porch and make a safe home of her slide. Along with, of course, a heavy application around the entire house foundation and about two feet up the side of the house and out onto the land around it. It took a while, but it sure is worth it when, tomorrow morning, I go outside to see the battlefield lined with the bodies of those who made the mistake of attempting to cross the invisible shield of death. Tonight, Death waits not with his scythe for bugs but in a field of crystallized granules of delatramethrin. No, it’s not very poetic, but it sure is satisfying just the same.


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