Known Johnson

May 26, 2007

The thanks we get

Filed under: Music,News — Tom @ 10:40 pm

Wilco proves, once again, that they are indeed a kick-ass band for people who want to be fans. As they’ve done for the past two Nonesuch releases, the just-released Sky Blue Sky includes yet another special offer once you’ve bought the album. Pop the disc in your computer’s CD/DVD-rom drive, open it up, and open the file named “”, which will pop open a special Quicktime file to access content on the official site. What is that content? Why it’s an album outtake in the form of “The Thanks I Get”! (It will also apparently be available via Itunes soon – but why would you want that when you could have a free high-quality mp3?) Oh, and if you’re curious where you may have heard that, it’s in a Volkswagon ad!

This is in addition to the two-track bonus disc offered at indie retailers for purchasers of the album (tracks featured: outtake “One True Vine” and Kicking Television live outtake “Theologians”) plus the Itunes-exclusive, “Let’s Not Get Carried Away,” which can be purchased a la carte. With all these bonuses, I have re-ordered the end of my version of the album to include all these tracks – normal album ender “On and On and On” now is followed by the very quiet, muted “One True Vine,” followed by rootsy rocker “The Thanks I Get,” then the raucous “Let’s Not Get Carried Away” and finally “Theologians (Live)”. This requires a little tag-surgery in Itunes, but this will flow as one long album rather than separate releases – the way I feel these tracks should flow. You may feel differently, but this way, I think it feels much better than the way they started out, separately. Now the group of previously disparate songs has some sensible flow – “On x3” and “One True Vine” make sense together, and “The Thanks I Get” needed to follow that instead of “Carried Away,” which is just too noisy but makes for a good lead-in for the live “Theologians.” It’s a good listen.

Wilco is a great band for fans because of stuff like this – in addition to all the great music, of course. Now, off you go – if you don’t have it already, go buy Sky Blue Sky, of course – and download your free song.


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