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May 28, 2007

Various and sundry – May 19-28 Supersized Holiday Edition

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A rose by any other name Favorite things becomes my much-abused Various and sundry this week. Why didn’t I think of that before?

Cheap stuff Man, this is awesome: Costco has the 5-disc, 12-hour HBO special on the 1960s space program, From The Earth To The Moon, for a “whopping” $21.99. That’s $5.40 a disc. You cannot beat that – it’s not even that cheap used on Amazon. Too bad I didn’t learn about this until after we’d already made our big trip there – and so had to make a special one-item-only trip and endure The Lines just for this. It was worth it. (And, yeah, I’m aware that Discovery Science is airing the episodes. I don’t want the episodes. I want the whole series and the extras, dammit.)

Wax on, wax off I spent most of Memorial Day waxing my truck, after having spent part of the Sunday afternoon prior to that claying the truck with my newly purchased Clay Magic kit. You may remember some mention of claying in a previous post in which I purchased Turtle Wax’s new Liquid Clay Bar. Well, I gave that a try on Alissa’s car, got as far as the hood with that, and changed the name from “Clay Bar” to something that begins with “s” and sound suspiciously like “hit.” I dug out my old Clay Magic bar and went to work and in about the same time that it took me to do the damned hood had the whole car clayed and, as it should, it felt like glass once waxed. I have come to realize that trucks are always more difficult to deal with when cleaning, requiring about double the amount of time and energy, so it came as no surprise that my Ridgeline took far longer. The results, however, were much the same – the finish is amazingly smooth. Seriously, if you love your car, do it and yourself a favor and give it a claying once a year. You will reap rewards come time to sell it – people freak out at how well paint gets taken care of when you do this. It removes all the damage that the sun and the chemicals from the road can do to your paint. It obviously can’t fix paint damage, but it seems to ward off fading completely – four years on and the paint on Alissa’s Accord looks just like it did the day we picked it up.

Ain’t that a kick in the head When I wasn’t waxing my truck, we took Amanda to Arrowhead mall today to check out their play area. We’re coming up on the last weekend of her Little Gym classes (whew) and she’s going to need something indoors to burn off some energy on weekends, and our house just isn’t going to suffice. We were hoping this might do in a pinch and it seems it might, but I wasn’t too thrilled with the “clientèle,” I guess you would call it. Sure, security swooped in to kick out the kids who were obviously far too old to be in there, but he didn’t stop the idiot kid from jumping off the faux-firetruck, hitting Amanda in the head as he did so. Luckily he only grazed her, but it could have been much worse: my daughter’s first enemy may have had to feel my wrath.

Speaking of pricks . . . I finally begin my long treatment for allergies with twice-weekly shots for the next few months, which then goes down to a slightly less intensive schedule and gradually lessens over time for the next few years. It sounds tedious and it probably is, but with as awful as my allergies generally treat me (migraines, infections, etc.) it’s likely going to be worth it. Since I’ve been on some serious allergy medicine, things have been pretty good. Not perfect, but good. But I don’t want to be on medication forever, so the shots are the best way to get around that. I hate needles, but I think this is actually going to be worth that – and that’s saying a lot.

And speaking of medication I’ve got a meeting with Dr. Brain next week to hopefully start weening myself off of my migraine medicine. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my migraines were from a few strategic foods that, unfortunately, I really, really love, but that I’ve basically given up and since then I really haven’t had any significant problems. I hate saying it, but chocolate and cheddar cheese are things of my past and, in the case of chocolate, that’s really hard to deal with. I’m sure there’s a threshold that will allow me to eat some, but I don’t really like tempting fate right now. I have learned one thing and that is that things labeled “chocolate flavor” are not really chocolate and so are basically safe, for whatever reason. There must be some vital ingredient missing. I don’t know what, but I sure wish I did. Anyway, it will be nice to get off of this drug – it makes me forgetful, most of all, such as spelling words I’ve always known how to spell, or forgetting words just as I’m about to say them, but most embarassingly is that it often prevents me from remembering people’s names, even people I see every day. Very, very frustrating – I have that “tip of the tongue” feeling much of the time, know what I want to say, but just can’t say it. I’d also like soda to go back to tasting normal again. I’ve learned to deal with it but the day when the drug is out of my system and soda tastes delicious again will be wonderful.

Lost for words Remember what I said a couple weeks ago about missing out on Lost? Man, anyone that was a fan and dropped out seriously missed out on one of THE BEST season finales of ALL TIME. Rent/buy this season when it comes out and catch up.

Bad influence One of Amanda’s favorite books has a picture of an ice skater that I found particularly dorky. For a while when Amanda would point at it I would say, “Geek.” Now Amanda points at it and calls the ice skater “Geek.” Oops.

Fakation I’m utilizing the power of a holiday to maximize my time-off savings, so I’ve taken the next four days off for a fake-vacation or, as you’ve guessed it, a “fakation.” It’s an Al Bundy vacation – I’m not going anywhere, I’m not doing anything special, just staying home and hanging out with my little girl (when I’m not destroying faucets or repainting parts of the house, that is,) but, unlike Al, I’ll probably be doing some home-fixin’ things that aren’t particularly vacationary in nature, but, hey, at least it’s not work.


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