Known Johnson

June 5, 2007


Filed under: General — Tom @ 9:00 am

Honda announced today that it’s discontinuing the Accord Hybrid model due to slow sales. They’re blaming it on the interest in smaller hybrid models because they get better gas mileage. I generally think Honda’s a very intelligent auto maker but here’s one instance where they are very stupid: the Accord Hybrid is based on the 6-cylinder engine rather than the more modest 4-cylinder engine. Alissa owns the 4-banger and it always gets right around 29 mpg. According to this Fuel Economy site, the 2005 6-cylinder Accord (non-hybrid) gets 18-27 mpg while the Hybrid gets 25-33 mpg. Not a huge savings there. Just think how much higher that could have been on the 4-cylinder – high enough that it might have made sense. The 4-cylinder engine is considerably smaller and lighter than the 6-cylinder and so would have had a bigger impact in the mileage department than I could possibly figure out. But, hey, we both said Honda was stupid to do a 6-cylinder Hybrid when they introduced it a few years ago. I’m surprised it lasted this long, actually. Let’s see what happens when they introduce the new model Accord (later this year, from what the article says.) Maybe they’ll wise up and add a 4-cylinder hybrid to the lineup.


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