Known Johnson

June 15, 2007

Smoke out

Filed under: General — Tom @ 11:42 am

You may remember the political “intrigue” last fall as two smoking bans butted heads on Arizona’s ballot. The good one won, of course, and went into effect about a month ago, effectively banning all smoking from pretty much any indoor areas – bars included. What’s been fun is watching none of the doom and gloom predicted by the proposition’s opponents. For months beforehand, opponents poured unbelievable amounts of attention on how badly a smoking ban would destroy the bar scene, because, of course, the only people who go to bars are smokers. As we’ve seen in the past month, people who don’t purposely breathe pollution regularly actually do go out and do things, and they’ve been turning up at previously smoke-filled bars. “‘We’re drawing in people who would not come before because they didn’t like the smoke,'” says one bar owner. No kidding? Who would have thought. Oh, that’s right, everyone but the non-smoking ban opponents.


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