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June 19, 2007

Overlooked Alternatives: matt pond PA, Tomahawk

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As usual, I’m making sure that there are widely different releases to talk about. This is, after all, basically how my entire music collection looks and how my brain works. I’m just as likely to jump between bands like this as any other completely different types of music at any time. Playing them back to back is risky to your mental health, but you should be fine. You may not, however, be legally allowed to play two bands like this at the same time – it might result in warping the space-time continuum.

matt pond PA – If You Want Blood: An unusually aggressive title for this gentle chamber pop outfit, this EP precedes the upcoming full-length album, Last Light, due out in late September, and introduces new bassist Steve Jewett who replaces Daniel Mitha, who left the band last year. If you like dramatic, jangly pop-rock with liberal doses of cello and a singer whose voice sounds like old maple syrup, this might be just the band for you. Oh, and this EP is said to be “extremely limited” – something like a couple thousand copies.

Tomahawk – Anonymous: Take one part Faith No More/Mr. Bungle, one part Jesus Lizard, and one part Helmet, and then let them tour through Indian reservations for a while. What you get is this new Tomahawk album of songs inspired by the sounds of Native Americans. Melvins bassist Kevin Rutmanis has left the band, but I’m sure Mike Patton has enough weird noises tucked in his throat to fill the void. What remains to be seen is exactly what this album is going to sound like – what little I’ve heard sounds an awful lot like Patton’s other project (one of many other projects), Fantomas, rather than Tomahawk. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on how you feel about Fantomas . . .


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